Harper Lynn Hampton makes memorable arrival

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
James Hampton and Tammy Hecker and children, Marley Hampton, 1; Harper Lynn Hampton, born May 22; and big brother, Scotty Hecker, 10.

Harper Lynn Hampton, born at 2:20 a.m., May 22, 2015, proved babies arrive in their own time. Harper gave her parents, Tammy Hecker and James Hampton, an experience they will never forget.

Harper was born the old-fashioned way. She didn't wait for a doctor, giving her parents a surprise of a lifetime.

Harper is Tammy's third child. Her son, Scotty Hecker, is 10 and she and James have an older daughter, Marley Hampton, 1.

Tammy said she started having pains about 10 p.m. but thought she had another few weeks before delivery and decided it was false labor. About 1:30 a.m. she knew the pains were not false and she needed to wake up the family and get to the hospital.

By the time they started to the hospital in Blytheville they only made it a short way on Highway 18 when Harper decided to make her arrival.

"James looked over and I had the baby in my hands," Tammy said.

He pulled over about a quarter mile from Manila and called 911.

James was happy for the 911 dispatcher who helped him through the unexpected experience. He didn't have anything to cut the umbilical cord, so he used his shoe string to tie it off.

He was also happy to see the ambulance and EMTs arrive.

Harper weighed 7 pounds and measured 19 inches. Mother and baby were transported on to the hospital by ambulance.

Tammy did have to stay in the hospital an extra day because she had lost so much blood. She received two units of blood and was ready to go home the next day.

"Other than the blood, everything was fine," she said. "The baby is healthy and that is the main thing. It really was the easiest delivery of all three children."

Harper's grandparents are Larry and Judy Hampton of Manila; Martha Crouch of Paragould; and David and Vanessa Humble of Yarbro.

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