Riverside School board accepts resignations and fills positions

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Guests at the Riverside School Board look over drawings of the new Riverside East Elementary school. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Riverside School Board members accepted several resignations at the Monday, June 1, meeting. Superintendent Tommy Knight informed the board of resignations from Sue Pendergrass, East elementary custodian; Vondella Davis, East cafeteria; Lenita Fox, East elementary teacher; and Brenda Polston, East elementary custodian.

"I hate to see them go," Knight said. "They do a good job."

Knight recommended hiring Brenda Stotts, high school study hall and back up for distance learning; Patty Stallings for East cafeteria; Rita Scroggins for West cafeteria.

Knight informed the board the district had been approved for the EAST Initiative program in the high school.

"This will provide equipment probably at a retail value of $250,000," Knight said. "All of the equipment is provided and we have to provide the facilitator. It is a great opportunity for our students."

Principal Jeff Priest said he and teacher Matt Zeigler had visited several EAST classrooms in the area and said they were impressed with the computers, printers, 3D printers and other equipment provided through the grant. Priest said they are excited for the students.

"There were 77 applicants in the state, 11 grants were provided and we were one of two new program schools to receive the grant," Priest said.

Students will have access to the technology and will use it for community service projects.

Knight recommended reassigning Matt Ziegler, social studies teacher, as EAST Lab facilitator; reassigning Julia Payne, math teacher, to fill the social studies position.

The board voted unanimously in favor of Knight's recommendation.

Knight then recommended the hiring of Colleen Kemp to fill the math position. The board voted 4-0 in favor.

Board members present were Greg Douglas, Mike Brown, Mike Brickell and Lenn B. Nall.

The board then agreed on the request of Molly Goodart to reduce her contract to 200 days for the upcoming school year.

Zeigler, chairman for the personal policy committee, addressed the board on behalf of the committee.

"Raises have come up," Zeigler said.

He went on to say all are in favor of raises but a bonus is the next best thing.

"I'd like to bring to your attention we have great people here and a great facility," Ziegler said. "We would like to see teachers make a career here."

He also asked about the issuing of summer checks.

"Some asked if the checks could be ready the last day of school or an alternative of direct deposit on the regular paydays throughout the summer," Zeigler said.

"Katie (bookkeeper) said no," Mr. Knight said. "I will check on it."

"It looks like the direct deposit would be good for both the school and them," Brickell said.

As far as the raises, Mr. Knight said it would depend on the size of the county check.

"When it comes in I will look at it," he said. "In the last eight years once or maybe twice we have not given either a raise or a bonus."

Knight went on to say salaries are close to schools their size. On the base salary, Riverside is ahead of the state base.

Knight said if raises are given, they have to give a percentage equal for insurance.

No action was taken.

In other business the board:

*Approved renewing the property insurance and vehicle insurance.

*Approved the calendar for the coming year as voted on by the majority of the staff.

*Raised lunch prices for students and adults 10 cents each.

*Approved the bid for the floor refinishing.

*Approved the purchase of 35 lap tops and software for $14,665, some replacement and some new.

*Approved the purchase of 16 computers and warranties in the amount of $10,304;

*Approved the purchase of 10 Ipads for $5,132.05.

*Discussed the need for trophy cases, one for athletics and one for academics.

*Heard update from Mark Cahoon of Steiling Studio on the progress on the new elementary east building project.

*Knight reported seven students filed to come to Riverside through the Freedom of Choice and three or four leaving. "We have gained more than we are losing."

*The baseball team was commended for making it to the semi finals of the state tournament.

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