Leachville begins city sanitation pick-up

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Leachville's new sanitation truck has arrived and the city will be taking care of their own trash pick-up. Council members got a demonstration before the May meeting.

Leachville City Council members watched a demonstration of the new sanitation truck before the May 18 meeting. Mayor Ralph Wells informed the council several months ago the owner of Bolar Sanitation had informed the city of his plans to retire. Council agreed to acquire a truck and begin providing services through the city.

The city purchased dumpsters from Bolar Sanitation for a total of $1,000. Summer workers will paint and repair the dumpsters.

Two former employees of Bolar Sanitation who are familiar with the route were hired part-time for 20 hours a week. Larry Ballard who has a CDL license is learning the route.

Chief of Police Steve Lancaster gave the police report. He said the city patch he and Amber Crabtree designed will be put on the new uniforms and vehicles.

He updated the council on ankle monitors as an alternative to jail for some non-violent offenses. He said the city could get three monitors. It will cost $13 per day when in use. This is less expensive than jail fees of $55 a day. Rebecca Clowers, clerk, and Officer Mitchell Lasater will be trained to install the monitors. He explained perimeters will be set and if the person violates the perimeters the police department will be notified.

Councilman Michael Webster asked the chief if officers had started vacation time. He said they will start in June.

Officer Lancaster also said they would be participating in the state click it or ticket campaign for seatbelt safety.

Robert Ballard gave the water/street report informing the council the overhead door had been installed where the new sanitation truck will be housed.

Ballard asked for permission to trade the leaf vac for a 0-turn 60" mower. The council approved the trade if it can be cleared to do so as the leaf vac was purchased through a county grant in 1997.

Ballard said the city will have two summer workers through Workforce. They will work for six weeks starting in June.

Manuel Naverro, park president/treasurer, asked about the city spraying for the clover in the in-fields of the ballparks. Robert Ballard said he would start spraying.

Fire Chief Mark Johnson asked about purchasing a light bar, siren and control panel from an old ambulance for $250. The council approved the purchase.

Officer Allan Lasaster has spoken to residents about moving basketball goals back from the streets for safety purposes. The council discussed an ordinance but will wait for further information before taking action.

Mayor Wells asked the council members to look over the information and samples of other handbooks and be ready to make any recommendations at the June 15 meeting.

In other business:

*Mayor Wells said a local citizen asked about tearing down a house. A discussion was held on the city's options such as payment for the work and a controlled burn. Webster suggested council members drive through their wards and make a list of houses that need to be removed or repaired.

*City employee uniforms were discussed. The council agreed when the present contract runs out they would look at options.

*Mayor Wells said a meet/greet reception for Dr. Baltz who is coming to Leachville will be held at Big Butts from 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, May 26.

*Mayor Wells announced the Centennial Celebration activities. Steve Clark, former Leachville resident, CEO of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, will serve as the grand marshal for the Centennial, July 4th parade. Mayor Wells asked school classes, families, or church groups to create a float for the parade. The Cave Dwellers will present the fireworks display at 9:11 p.m. Mark Johnson said they Cave Dwellers had held a fundraising event and raised $1,800. He asked the city for a donation of $250. Adams Land Co. will be open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. July 4.

*Mayor Wells asked about working toward a sewer line from Swihart Road to Highway 18. Plans started several years ago. He suggested the city look into available grants for the project.

*City Clerk Ruth Ann Keith said she and the mayor have been talking to USDA and NEA District Planning about assisting with a tornado siren and a new fire station north of town. The city has some funds for the tornado siren but not enough.

*The Council voted on the Mayor's recommendation to give raises to Chief Steve Lancaster in the amount of $100 a month and Jeff Cater, backhoe operator, in the amount of $1 an hour, starting June 1.

*Councilman Webster asked the city clerk if she had sent the map to the highway department to get the city limit signs set up. He also updated the council on the Leachville Community Foundation clean-up day. He said they picked up 50 bags of trash before the rain started. Another is being planned for June. Matthew Sills, a member of the Leachville Foundation, donated two toddler swings. JoAnn Cardin asked for a storm door and steel door for the food pantry building.

*The Puckett family helped purchase and delivered mulch for the drop zone at the park. Tom, Larry and Curtis added two bags at $800 and hauled the material to Leachville at no charge.

*Webster said he had received a complaint about four wheelers tearing up the ditches east of the city park. He asked the police to look into it.

*Paulette Stewart asked about a grocery store during the time set aside for citizens' comments. Webster said he is still working on it.

*Chief Lancaster informed the council they had closed out four felony arrests in the city.

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