Caraway Council discusses police vehicle

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Caraway City Council members worked through a short agenda on Thursday, May 14, discussing police vehicle repairs, property clean-up, and upcoming events.

Mayor Barry Riley said some of the citizens are upset about the clean-up notices they received. He said city workers are doing what they can and will continue in their efforts and some progress has been made.

Chief of Police Pete Hicks informed the council the 2007 vehicle is in need of major repairs. He said, "The transmission is messed up, it sticks in park, and has other problems. The estimate came in at $2,500 to $2,800 if the heads do not have to be pulled, then the cost could go to $3,500 up to $4,000. There is no guarantee."

The council looked at all of their options discussing repair, purchasing one of the used vehicles Jonesboro PD is trading out, or purchasing a new one.

Mayor Riley said 55/45 grants may be available in August to help with the purchase of a new vehicle in September.

The council made the decision to use the city's Mercury Marquis for a back up for a few months. Chief Hicks said he can put a dash light and can use his portable radio. It has been used as a police vehicle before.

Mayor Riley said he had property surveyed and will sell a 145'x200' lot at the corner of the fish farm for $1,122. On the city's land left deeds will be prepared and a bill of assurance with stipulations so the rest of the land will be protected.

Councilman Roger Williams asked about the community garden spot. He said he had a lot of items donated and hopes it will be a benefit to the community. Garden spots were discussed.

Resident Jerry Murphy asked the city about cleaning up a mess on Tennessee Street and the limbs and plywood in a ditch east of town.

"If the city crew can't see it, I will drag it up here on the Fourth of July and put a sign on it," Murphy said. "If you don't want to service us, unannex us."

Another resident reported dogs are running loose in his neighborhood.

Mayor Riley said it will be looked into.

Fire Chief Scott Browning said he had to purchase equipment lost in a fire at a cost of $2,086. He received the first check from the Forestry Commission Firewise program.

In conjunction with American Heart Association, members of the fire department will hold a hands on CPR instruction on June 3 for anyone who wants to come by. It is not a certification, just instructions on the hands only CPR.

"We are doing this in memory of Shawn Perrin," he said.

Mayor Riley thanked everyone who helped with the fishing rodeo and Johnny Boatman for painting the fire hydrants.

There will be a Caraway Volunteer Group yard sale on June 6 to help with the Christmas baskets. Councilman Williams said since the Lions Club disbanded the volunteer group is trying to step up and help with community projects.

The group will also have a fun night on Main Street and invite local musicians to bring guitars and banjos at 6 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month. Set up will be at the end of Caraway General Store. Everyone is invited to bring their lawn chairs and enjoy. Free hot dogs will be provided.

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