Lake City council approves Planning and Zoning Committee recommendations

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lake Council Council approved recommendations from the Planning and Zoning Committee, heard an update on debris the city had removed, and heard requests from Fire Chief Chris Snyder, during the regular meeting held May 11.

Alderman Harold Barker, chairman of the Planning and Zoning Committee, brought three recommendations to the council from the committee.

Rick Forman owns a home located at 105 Pecan and a shop building located at 103 Pecan. Both locations are zoned R-1. Mr. Forman wishes to convert the shop into a home for himself and sell his existing home. Council approved the request.

Mike Burnside informed the Planning and Zoning Committee he would miss the deadline of May 11, 2015, on his property located at 600 Nash. Burnside was aware this would have to be addressed with the city council on May 11. However, he was not present at the meeting as he was out of town. Council voted to start condemnation proceedings on the property at 600 Nash.

Council also voted to start condemnation on a burned out house located at 78 Skylark.

Mayor Jon Milligan told council members the house located at 79 Skylark has been torn down and debris removed for a total cost of $3,392.02. He will now have the City's attorney begin proceedings to re-coop money from the mortgage company on said property.

Fire Chief Chris Snyder presented a video showing several fire hydrants the department tested. The chief has been working to raise the city's ISO rating which will decrease residents' home insurance premiums. All fire hydrants must be in working order for the rating to be increased. Some hydrants are in need of repair.

Snyder requested the burn ordinance be posted so citizens will be aware of what can be burned and when.

He would also like to see a police officer go to the scene when the first responders are called. He said it helps the responder to do their job knowing an officer's presence is there, too.

Chief Snyder also asked about the filing of W-2s on the Volunteer Fire Department. City Clerk Linda Simpson told the chief she was aware of the audit procedure and was reviewing at the time and would discuss with IRS agent Jan Germany in June at the Arkansas Municipal League Conference.

Mayor Milligan told the council he had quotes for the house located at 1007 Estelle. Estimated cost, with the city doing the work, inside is $3,000 and outside is $4,950. This was with contracted vendor, repairs and siding. Council agreed with quote figures. Alderman Tommy Eakins suggested when the property is sold possibly using the funds towards a Veterans' Memorial. "Alderman Hutcheson has been an advocate for a Veterans Memorial for years", Eakins said. "This would be a good place to use these funds if there is not something else the City needs more."

Mayor Milligan told the members of the Council the paving Milo and Willow streets have been done.

He also informed the council he and the city clerk have met with the engineer on the parks grant, and hopefully by August work will begin.

Next council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. June 15 at city hall.

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