Monette Council discusses building fees

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monette City Council approved Ordinance 2014-3 dealing with building, plumbing and electrical codes and zoning during its regular meeting Monday, March 23.

The council first heard Ordinance 2014-3 in December. It was read for a second time and discussed at length in January but the third reading was tabled in February.

The third reading was tabled until this month's meeting because the council wanted to see, as well as vote on, the resolution setting building fees at the same time as the ordinance. The council first unanimously adopted Ordinance 2014-3 on its third and final reading. The council then was presented with resolution 2015-2 adopting city of Monette building fees.

The resolution called for any new construction or major remodeling project over $15,000 to be reviewed by the city building inspector before permits can be issued. Permit costs are as follows: for general construction of a new building $.10 per square foot or $20 for a remodel, $40 for plumbing or $20 for remodel, $40 for electrical or $20 for remodel, HVAC permit will be $40 and $20 for remodel - all not to exceed $250.

The resolution states that any driveways, sidewalks, privacy fences, home moving, carports, outbuildings, storm shelters will cost $20 for permits if it is not included in the original building design. Any new residence or remodel needing a street cut will cost $150 for half of a street cut and $250 for a whole street cut.

The resolution went on to outline if an inspection fails a reinspection fee of $20 will be required and if a second reinspection is required it will cost $40. The resolution also established the office of Administrative Official/Building Inspector for the City of Monette and the salary for that position. After some discussion the council agreed the salary for that position should be $400 a month.

"This gives us a starting place," Shawn Nance of the planning commission said. "At any point you can change these fees. If six months down the road you see it's not working then you can change it. The fees are adjustable by the council."

"I don't think it's that far out of line and it gives us a good starting point," Alderman Larry Bibb said agreeing with Nance.

The council unanimously passed resolution 2015-2. In other business Mayor Chub Qualls said the grant for the city's new sewer plant has been submitted and a second grant is in the works for new meters.

The council did vote unanimously to pay the $1,800 penalty from ADEQ for the sewer plant findings last year. The findings have led the city to proceed with plans for a new sewer treatment plant to get back in compliance with ADEQ and stay that way for many years to come.

The council also voted unanimously to allow two city employees to haul off and sell for scrap two old city vans. The city will receive 50 percent of the funds and the two employees will share the other 50 percent for hauling the vehicles away.

Mayor Qualls said the water and sewer department did purchase a $10,000 2010 van as approved by the council last month. He went on to say the police car grant has been submitted and the city is waiting to hear if it has been approved.

Mayor Qualls said the city's new hand held meter reader is set to be delivered April 2 and city employees will begin training to use that as soon as it arrives. He also said the city's new side mount mower will be delivered in a couple of weeks.

Mayor Qualls told the council the police department is beginning to work on getting residents to clean up unsightly yards. Monette Clean Sweep week will be May 4-8 with the city wide yard sale being held May 2.

Before the council adjourned Alderman Tom Carroll presented council members with suggested changes to the city's employee handbook. After some discussion the council agreed to review the handbook with the proposed changes and discuss it at next month's meeting. Proposed changes include sick day carry over, the addition of Veteran's Day as a city holiday, vacation sell back and possibly a sick bank.

The Monette City Council held a special meeting March 12 where it voted unanimously to allow the city to submit a grant on behalf of the Monette Fire Department for equipment.

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