Caraway Council approves lease agreement on Basler building

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Caraway Council members were all present for a special called meeting on Thursday, Feb. 19, kto discuss a lease agreement for the former Basler building.

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley opened the meeting giving Dwight Whittenburg, with Crop Production Services, the floor. Whittenburg presented his proposal for the use of the building.

Council members voted unanimously, 6-0, to lease the building to CPS to the end of June 2015 (can be longer if needed), for $1,000 per month plus utilities with the agreement to mow the grass.

Aldermen are John Boatman, Mitchell Tipton, Bo James, Roger Williams, Marvin Browning and Mark Bell.

Mayor Riley informed the council the new truck to be purchased for the city was $1,500 more than originally priced. The loan will be for $15,500 to finish out the payments.

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