Manila School accepts resignations and fills positions

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
John Mixon addresses Manila School Board discussing possible building sites.

Manila School Board worked through a full agenda Monday evening, Dec. 22. Items discussed included accepting resignations, filling positions, expulsion hearing, resolutions to conduct business and building information update.

Following the approval of minutes and review of the financial report, the board went into executive session for a student expulsion hearing. After the closed session, the board voted unanimously on the recommendation of Superintendent Pam Castor for permanent expulsion of a middle school student.

John Mixon, architect with Cromwell and Associates, and Travis Brooks, planning manager for Cromwell, addressed the board with statistics on possible building sites for a new high school facility. Following a lengthy discussion, the board agreed they need to know availability and cost of sites before moving forward.

Board member Tommy Wagner said they need to get the building project underway before mobile units have to be brought in to meet the needs of the growth.

Board members Danny Robbins and Brandon Veach both said they have had patrons express their concerns about moving the high school off campus. Robbins said he was hearing suggestions to keep it near the present campus.

Mixon asked if the board thinks wanting to leave it all on one campus is for sentimental reasons. He said from a contractor's view there can be problems with building it on site.

They discussed drainage, water pressure, traffic flow, safety, etc.

Superintendent Castor said if the district shows growth as has been predicted, moving high school to a new site will give the K-8 room for growth on the present campus.

"People in this town have always stepped up for the school," Board member Johnny McCain said. "Many have expressed they want the school in town."

Board member Wagner talked about the need for the new building.

The board members were all in agreement of the need for a new high school to meet the future growth.

"We are all on the same page with the same message," President Jeremy Jackson said. "There is a real need and we have to get the message out to the community."

Following the second closed session for the evening, the board voted unanimously (with the exception of Dean Tucker who did not vote) to accept the resignation of Tonya Tucker as school nurse effective Dec. 19.

The board then voted to accept the resignation of history teacher Jon Atkins.

The board voted, on the recommendation of Superintendent Castor, to hire Dwight Booth to fill the history position for the remainder of the school year.

In other business:

*Teachers, staff and administrators disclosed kinship to owners of several businesses the school district may have the need to do business with throughout the year. The board passed resolutions to conduct business with the approximate 20 area businesses on the list. Board members involved with the businesses left the room before the votes were taken for the businesses they were associated with.

*The board voted to accept technology policies on internet security. Superintendent Castor said the policies meet the state requirements. She said security is getting to be a big issue.

*During the administrative reports, Castor informed the board that the Advance Ed site visits are scheduled for Feb. 23-25 and representatives would be on campus for three days and requested they meet with the board on Feb. 23. She said they will be interviewing board members, staff and patrons. On Feb. 25 it will be announced if the school is credited.

*Castor asked about moving the January board meeting to Jan. 22.

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