Monette duck caller wins Triple Crown title

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Kent Cullum of Monette won the 2014 Triple Crown Duck Calling competition.

Kent Cullum of Monette, maker of Hobo World Champion Duck Calls, recently won the 2014 Triple Crown Duck Calling competition. Cullum holds nine world titles with three being back to back to back (2007, 2008 and 2009) in Easton, Md.

The three contests making up the Triple Crown were held in October. The first was held Oct. 4 in Bowling Green, Ky.; the second Oct. 11 in Jackson, Tenn.; and the last on Oct. 25 in Paducah, Ky.

It paid the top 10 in all three and scores were kept from all contests. At the end of the third contest there is a payout bonus for the top five. All in all Cullum won $6,500 for the three events.

Shane Holderfield of Illinois competes in the Triple Crown event. Because Mr. Holderfield is blind, his son, Daniel, 6, lets him know with a tap on the leg when the red light comes on.

"There were lots of great callers and world champions at the competition," Cullum said. "I was really lucky and won all three contests. It was an awesome experience and I suppose it gives me bragging rights, but there is much more to the experience than just winning. There is the experience of competing, having fun, and making friends."

One of those friends Cullum made is Shane Holderfield from Illinois.

"In my opinion Mr. Shane Holderfield is much more than a triple crown winner," Cullum said. "I met Mr. Shane and his family at all three contests. Mr. Shane is 38 years old with five children and a wife. He is blind but he has opened many people's eyes.

"Mr. Shane competed at all three contests of this year's Triple Crown. Competitors go on stage and there is a red light that comes on to let the caller know he has 10 seconds left. Going over the 10 seconds means disqualification. Mr. Shane's little boy would be with his dad in the bull pen where the callers stay for the contest. When Mr. Shane would go up the stairs and out on the stage, his little boy went with him. His son never took his eyes off the light and when it came on he would tap his dad on the leg to let him know.

"They are a great family. Every contest I would be sitting back there getting my game plan ready and I would see Mr. Shane and his son going out on the stage to compete.

"Every time I would thank the Lord for his blessings and remember what is important. It was a blessing to meet Mr. Shane and his wonderful family. He is an inspiration to all. Although he did not win any of the contests, he was much more than a Triple Crown winner. In addition to duck calling, Mr. Shane enjoys hunting and killed a deer this past weekend. He has even put siding on their home. He may be blind but he does not let that stop him from living life. He is an awesome man with a great family."

Cullum said Mr. Shane's teenaged son will be competing in Stuttgart in the Intermediate World Competition. Cullum will be competing in the Men's World competition at Stuttgart and is looking forward to meeting him.

Cullum emphasizes making friends and helping the youth in the sport of duck calling is more rewarding than winning. When he is competing or judging he tries to make an extra effort to talk to each of the youth with encouraging comments.

"I have been blessed to be able to make my calls sound like the real thing and be part of so many duck calling events," Cullum said. "It is important we give back to the youth or anyone who asks us for help or advice. I like to win but I enjoy seeing others win, also."

With the Triple Crown win, nine world titles and more, Cullum smiles when he admits he is 0-22 at the Stuttgart World Main Street competition. He was only three points away from the win three times but so far it has eluded him. He is not giving up and will be there again Thanksgiving weekend. He is hoping to change his record to 1-22 but if not he said it would be okay and hopefully he would try again next year.

The Main Street calling is a different competition and Cullum said it is the only one that makes him a little nervous. Win or lose, it has certainly been a challenge over the years.

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