Caraway getting radio repeaters

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Jonesboro Communication technicians were in Caraway installing a radio repeater system on top of the Caraway water tower.

Caraway Fire Chief Scott Browning was pleased to see radio repeaters being installed on top of the Caraway water tower. The 50 watt amps will ensure the pagers go off in an emergency.

Jonesboro Communication technicians installed the equipment on Thursday.

Chief Browning said during a recent fire at the school the pagers did not go off.

"Luckily it was a small fire," he said. "Ten minutes is a long time to get the alarm for a fire and it can make a difference. The new equipment will be a plus for our firefighters when there is an emergency call."

He said the new equipment will allow firefighters to be in contact with other emergency groups throughout the county.

He also expressed his appreciation for the Que Siren received through a rural development grant. The siren will be installed on the main fire engine. Browning said it will be helpful for a warning siren especially if the electricity is down. The new siren will carry up to one or two miles, much farther than the regular siren.

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