Caraway Main Street work underway

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Kevin McLean (left), state inspector, and Caraway Mayor Barry Riley look over gutters along main street.

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley is pleased to see the work on main street underway. Michelle Excavating has been preparing the street for paving.

Three inches across the 1,350'x52' street have been milled out. Mayor Riley said over the years at least three overlays have been done covering the existing curbs and gutters. New sidewalks and gutters will be placed where needed and 1.85" of asphalt will cover the street.

"We have been working on getting this project started even before the tornado did so much damage to our main street," Mayor Riley said. "The work is being done through funds from the half cent state sales tax voted in a couple years ago. The tax has been a good way for small towns like Caraway to get work done we could not afford on our own."

State Inspector Kevin McLean and Caraway Mayor Barry Riley look over a new drop inlet being installed.

There will be 13 type 3 wheelchair ramp accesses along the street. The work will also help with drainage along the streets. A new culvert was put at the corner of St. Louis and Kentucky Streets, a drop inlet was installed along with new water lines, additional manholes and fire hydrants put in place along the new street.

The entire project will cost an estimated $300,000. The City of Caraway invested $60,000.

Kevin McLean, state inspector, has been in Caraway overseeing the project. Atlas Asphalt has the bid for the paving.

"It should not take too long to finish once everything gets in place," Mayor Riley said. "Caraway has been hit hard, but this is a good start to building back."

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