Terry Carr announces candidacy for Manila Mayor

Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Terry Carr, Manila

Terry Carr of Manila announced his candidacy for Manila mayor. Carr has served on the city council. He was involved with the youth association for 15 years and has worked with the youth in the school system for 10 years.

"I am excited about the opportunity to serve the people of Manila as mayor, Carr said. "I am married to Barbara and we have five children and seven grandchildren. We are members of First Methodist Church in Manila. We feel we have been extremely blessed and I know my goal is to improve the lives of all of our citizens. I know we can face the problems that confront a growing city and push to get industries and businesses that will help our city."

Carr said he has talked to many citizens and asked them what they believe Manila needs to improve. "All of them know we can improve," he said.

"We can improve the infrastructure (water, sewer, and garbage) and the safety of our city," Carr said. "I know we must improve these areas and that it will take time and money to get this done, but we can do it. It is very important the city and school work hand in hand to help our city and youth.

"When I am elected mayor my hope is that we utilize all citizens to keep in touch with what our citizens want done and give the mayor and council ways to accomplish the improvement. It is imperative that the mayor and council work together to take care of the people who elected us.

"I hope to talk to all of you but if I fail to have that opportunity, it is my hope you will vote for me with end results being a greater Manila. It is my hope and prayer that over the next four years your lives will be made better. God bless each one of you."

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