Mayor Wayne Wagner seeks re-election

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner has announced his plans to seek re-election.

"As I attend mayor's meetings throughout Mississippi County, people will ask me, How has Manila accomplished so much in the last three years," Wagner said. "I always give them the same answer -- teamwork. I was taught by my parents at a young age -- growing up with five brothers and two sisters -- that you can accomplish more working together as a team.

"Even later, I learned from great coaches, such as Trigger Wall, Arnold Ryan, Wayne Wallace and Bob White, that a good team will always beat good players."

Wagner said Manila has a good team of elected officials from the local to the state level.

"For example, we have council members like Larry "Whiz" Davis that served this community for 16 years, not because he had a personal vendetta but because he wanted to be a part of a positive team that would work for the betterment of the community," Wagner said.

Councilman Davis has decided to retire and Mayor Wagner encourages people to stop by or call Davis to say "thanks" for being a positive team member for Manila.

"I think he will tell you that you can't be an effective member of a city council if you are running for personal reasons just to be disruptive," Wagner said.

Wagner then praised the team work at the county level including Judge Carney, Mike White and Fred Fleeman.

"They have worked throughout the county, including west of the lake, for everyone because they know it is best for the entire county," Wagner said. "Once again -- teamwork.

"Then, because of the grant process, you must develop a team relationship with state government. With State Senator David Burnett and State Representative Wes Wagner, we have a state team that will go above and beyond for any community in their districts," Wagner said. "For example, don't just take my word for it; call Bo McCullom at Etowah, Kenny Jackson at Dell, and Larry Sims at Dyess. They are mayors of three of the smaller communities in their districts, but Sen. Burnett and Rep. Wagner have worked tirelessly to get those places grants for fire departments, police, and sewer systems just like they help the larger towns -- because of teamwork."

Before voting, Wagner encourages citizens to drive around and ask "why?" What is going on in Northeast Arkansas? New industries, new steel mill, new roads, new paved streets, new parks, new small businesses.

"Then, instead of putting up signs and getting on blogs to diminish this teamwork, you should be saying 'thanks' to local, county, and state officials who have worked together," Wagner said. "This is not Washington, D.C., thank goodness. This is Northeast Arkansas, and I am proud to be part of the Northeast Arkansas Team."

Wagner said at the local level, because of teamwork, even with all the projects accomplished, Manila has a balanced budget and $125,000 more in the bank than when he stated as mayor four years ago.

At the state level, Arkansas has balanced budget, with over $100 million surplus -- once again, because of teamwork.

"On behalf of the team, I need your vote and support,"Wagner said. "We don't need controversy. Our children, senior citizens and communities are too important."

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