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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Manila city council members gathered on Monday evening prior to the city council meeting to view the work on the walking trail around the pool area and city park. Pictured are: Council members Dale Murphy, Tony Hawkins, Donnie Wagner, Jason Baltimore and Linda Donovan, along with Mayor Wayne Wagner. The walking trail is being funded through a grant. Landscaping is being provided by the city with volunteer work from master gardeners and others. Also, several memorial and honor stones and trees have been purchased by individuals to be placed along the walkway. Anyone interested in having an engraved stone placed along the walkway in memory of a loved one or in honor of friends or family members can contact Manila City Hall for more information.

Manila city council members and Mayor Wayne Wagner met at the city park Monday, Sept. 15, prior to the council meeting to view work underway on a 2,800 foot walking trail. The new walking trail will connect the pool and park area. Connecting to part of the existing walking trail, walkers will have a total of 3,200 feet of track.

Councilmen then met in the city hall board room for the regular September meeting. Mayor Wagner introduced Woody Townsend with the Pilots Association.

"The airport is on good footing," Mayor Wagner said. "I asked the Pilots Association to send a representative to each meeting to answer any questions the council may have. Mr. Townsend was selected to represent the association. He will be bringing different members from time to time so the council can get to know members of the Pilots Association."

Townsend announced the upcoming grand opening at the airport giving everyone the opportunity to tour the new terminal building.

"The Pilots Association voted to host the open house to be held Oct. 4," Townsend said. "The Pilots Association will pay for a pancake breakfast served at the community center (across from the terminal building) from 9 a.m. until noon. Pilots from throughout the area have been invited to fly in. Also, the public is invited to the breakfast and to tour the new terminal building. We are expecting a large crowd."

A ribbon cutting will be held at 9 a.m. at the terminal building and the walking trail.

Mr. Townsend said he, Councilwoman Linda Donovan and the school are working on a project to create a book to be placed at the airport filled with information about the community.

"We had visitors from St. Louis recently and they were very complimentary of our new facility and our airport," Mayor Wagner said. "The University of Arkansas recently held a field day which was very successful. We hope the field day can be an annual event."

Mayor Wagner said the city is using a $10,000 grant to get several old houses and buildings torn down. Scott Adams is using his equipment to tear down the buildings. The grant should fund the removal of 7-10 condemned properties, some are burn-out buildings.

Mayor Wagner said the city will get a cut in landfill costs during the county-wide fall clean up which will be Saturday, Sept. 27. The city received a letter from Judge Randy Carney about the annual clean-up date. Mayor Wagner went on to say individuals can utilize the county landfill at no charge from 7 a.m. until noon on that Saturday. Municipalities will receive a 50 percent discount.

"We appreciate the county's assistance in the clean-up drive," Mayor Wagner said. "It will be a great time for individuals to get rid of unwanted items."

The council discussed updating the city's webpage. Councilman Jason Baltimore recommended contacting a company in Little Rock to help with the updates.

"If we had someone here just to do that job we could do it here, but everyone has jobs and doesn't have the time," Baltimore said.

The council had no objecttions to Baltimore contacting the company for more information.

In other business:

*Council members passed a millage resolution to keep the millage at the present rate of 5.0, with 4.6 going to maintenance and operation and .4 going to the firemen's pension.

*Mayor Wagner asked for two council members to get with the office employee to destroy old files. He explained witnesses have to sign off on old records destroyed. Council members Donnie Wagner and Donovan said they would be available.

*Councilman Donovan gave an update on progress of the museum building (formerly Miranda's). The building is being renovated and will house the museum. A 24'x30' mural from a painting done by Dan Donovan is underway and will be placed on the outside of the building facing the depot museum. The museum committee meets there at 10 a.m. Fridays. Donovan invited council members to join them.

*Mayor Wagner announced the first stage of a new senior center had been approved.

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