Caraway talks Main Street project

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Caraway City Council discussed the city's Main Street project during its regular meeting Thursday, Sept. 11.

The city's Main Street project is already underway with the city having completed its portion of the project. Mayor Barry Riley said the Arkansas Highway Department has been in town and will be back the week of Sept. 15, do some elevation shots and hopefully hold a preconstruction meeting. Mayor Riley said the Highway Department has agreed to do some of the work the city originally requested but the state said no to. He did say there would be new sidewalks with wheel chair ramps but exactly how many sidewalks the Highway Department will be doing will be unclear until the preconstruction meeting.

"We need to stay on top of the concrete work," Alderman Bo James said. "Merritt (Emery) is getting ready to open his business (a new hardware store) and we need to make sure the sidewalk in front of that gets done. If the state doesn't do that, I think we should. He is opening a business that will put money back into our city, which is what we have asked people to do to help us grow. I don't want to see us drag our feet on this."

Mayor Riley asked the council to wait until after the preconstruction meeting to decide to pay for a new sidewalk in front of the new hardware store to make sure the Highway Department isn't planning on doing that section. He did say the city would help put a sidewalk in at the new business if it is not included in the Highway Department plans. The city will talk to Mr. Emery to see if he wants the city to go ahead and tear out the old sidewalk there in order to prepare for a new one.

In other business the council discussed some properties around the city that need to be cleaned up. Mayor Riley said the city will work on getting that done. He also said the Basler building has been listed on the Arkansas site selection website as well a the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce website. Riley told the council the park commission has received the insurance funds from the last wind damage. Repairs to the park wall will begin soon.

Alderman Mitchell Tipton wanted to remind the public if they have a property that is for sale, lease or rent to let the city know and that property along with pictures of it will be added to the city's website.

Rick Stevens, city recorder, wanted to thank the city on behalf of First Baptist Church in Caraway for allowing them to store their pews in the Basler building while repairs were being made. Stevens said the church hopes to have the pews out of the building and back at the church within a couple of weeks.

Before adjourning the mayor reminded the council the police department is still looking for a new officer and would continue to advertise for that.

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