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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beth Thompson, Arkansas Northeastern College adult education coordinator, announced individuals who want to see if they can pass the GED test without taking classes here will have the opportunity to do so. They must take the test at an Adult Education Center for verification, the individual will need to make an appointment during this time to ensure that they can be proctored. The importance of this is because in Arkansas individuals must pass the GED Ready test before they can be released to take the Official GED test. There are four

parts to the official test each costing only $4. The goal is for those who need a high school equivalency to take this opportunity to see if they are ready to earn their diploma, with minimal assistance.

From September 22 - October 3, 2014, all students can take the GED Ready™ practice test for free at their local adult education center using a promotion code. You will need to register for the promotion code at www.GEDtestingservice.com/seeforfree. This code will be sent to registrants at midnight on September 22.

As always, after a student takes the GED Ready™ practice test, they can see whether they're ready to pass the GED test and get a personalized study plan to help focus their studying so they can score higher.

The GED Ready™ practice exam is designed to help prepare you for the 2014 GEDŽ Exam. The new exam operates as both a high school equivalency benchmark and as a springboard into furthering your education. Instead of being broken into five parts as the previous exam was, the new GEDŽ exam consists of four parts which includes:

* Literacy (Reading and Writing)

* Mathematics

* Science

* Social Studies

All tests will be computer-based and more challenging than previous versions. The GEDŽ test will be about 7-ŧ hours long with the timing as follows:

* Reasoning through Language Arts is 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break).

* Mathematical Reasoning is 115 minutes.

* Science is 90 minutes.

* Social Studies is 90 minutes.

The GEDŽ test will have a passing score of 150 for each subject. Therefore, students will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each subject and a total score of 600 or higher across the four-subject tests in order to receive the GEDŽ test credential. Students may also earn an "Honors" score if they receive a score of 170 or higher on any subject. Below is a list of the full score scale:

* Below Passing: 100--149.

* Passing Score: 150--169.

* Honors Passing Score: 170--200.


2002 TO 2013 SERIES5 Parts2014
SERIES4 PartsCost
Minimum ScoreMaximum ScoreMinimum ScoreMaximum Score
Language Arts Writing 410800Combined
Language Arts Writing and ReadingCombined
Language Arts Writing and Reading
Language Arts Reading410800150200$4
Social Studies410

A student will be able retest twice on each part without an additional fee.

The following is the current process for GEDŽ testing at Arkansas Northeastern College's Adult Education Programs:

* Students must have an Arkansas ID/or Government Issue ID with an Arkansas mailing address. (If not an Arkansas ID the ID must be accompanied by a utility bill, bank statement, etc. with an Arkansas Address.)

* Take a TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) test and score at least a 9.0 in the areas of : Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Mathematics

* TABE students scoring 11.0 or higher must attend 20 hours of instruction

* TABE students scoring 9.0 to 10.9 must attend 30 hours of instruction

* TABE students scoring under 9.0 must attend a minimum of 40 hours of instruction

* Students will still have to earn the mandated score 10.5 on all three TABE scores before they can take a free GEDŽ Ready Test. The hours of instruction needed to meet the minimum scores may exceed 40 hours of instruction.

Students have the option to take the GEDŽ Ready Test (practice test) for a fee of $ 6 per test with a total cost of $24, without taking the TABE test or attending instructional hours.

To take the official GEDŽ 2014 Series GED tests all students must take the GEDŽ Ready Test (practice test) under an approved Adult Education Proctor and at an established Arkansas Adult Education Program. The passing of the GEDŽ Ready Test (practice test) will be sent to the GEDŽ Testing office in order for Test Ready students to be given an approval to sign up for the official GEDŽ Test.

For times and locations of the ANC Adult Education Classes go to www.anc.edu select the A-Z index, scroll down to the Adult Education listing.

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