BIC teachers honored

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Students of Monette First Baptist Church student ministry serving teachers at Saturday's event were (from left) Cadyn Walls, Ty Finch, Heather Sipes, Haddyn Hurst, Bailey Owen, Harris McCord, Lilie Hatch and Conner McCord.

Monette First Baptist Church honored the teachers and faculty of Buffalo Island Central Saturday, Aug. 9.

"This is our first annual event," Sonny Dill, student pastor at Monette First Baptist, said. "We want to honor them for the roles they play in our schools and the difference they make in our students' lives. At times I know teachers get discouraged and wonder if they do enough. As we are about to start the new school year, we at Monette First Baptist and through our student ministry want to show our appreciation for them. They really do impact our students' lives."

Dill said as student pastor he often hears positive things about the teachers and faculty at BIC. He said students often talk about how a teacher has stopped and taken the time to help them with a curriculum they are struggling with.

Speakers at the Monette First Baptist Church event honoring teacher were (from left) Steve Milligan, Lynn Smith and Sonny Dill.

"We want to encourage our teachers not only educational wise but also in a Christ like manner," Dill said. "We just want to give them a good charge going so they can hit the new school year running and give them the support of Monette First Baptist and the community."

Steve Milligan was the guest speaker and retired BIC teacher Lynn Smith offered the prayer. The students of the Monette First Baptist student ministry served the BIC faculty and staff as well as community members grilled chicken breasts, prepared green beans, corn, slaw and cake.

A large number of BIC teachers along with community members and Monette First Baptist Church members enjoyed fellowshipping during the event.

Dill said the church would like to make honoring the teachers and encouraging them prior to the new school year an annual event. The meal was free and it provided teachers and faculty an opportunity to fellowship with each other.

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