Manila City Council discusses Relay events, bids opening

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
A painting by Dan Donovan depicting the history of manila will be converted into billboard size to be placed at the Manila Museum.

Manila City Council worked through a short agenda at the July 21 meeting.

The council had no objections to the Buffalo Island Relay for Life using the community center for a benefit wrestling. Manila Chief Jackie Hill will be coordinating the event which will be held Aug. 23.

Brenda Matheny, Buffalo Island Relay for Life chairman, expressed her appreciation to the city and the council members for their support.

"We appreciate all the city does for the Relay for Life," Matheny said.

Matheny presented Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis with a cancer survivor tee shirt.

Mayor Wayne Wagner talked to the council about reimbursing a resident for a sewer problem.

"We don't normally reimburse anyone for sewer work costs but this happened on the weekend Henry (Henry Ford, water and sewer superintendent) was out of town attending classes in Hot Springs," Mayor Wagner said. "Our policy is residents should call the city first before calling a plumbing company, but due to the circumstances I wanted to bring it before the council."

Councilman Jason Baltimore asked if the problem was on their line or on the city's.

Ford said the company ran a trouble check and it was on the city.

Councilman Linda Donovan made a motion, due to the situation, that the city cover the cost. The motion carried unanimously.

Paving of Olympia and Davis streets was discussed. Mayor Wagner said they have been working on getting the streets ready for paving. The paving will be done partially by a grant. Mayor Wagner said the bids will go out on Wednesday.

Baltimore suggested having a special meeting after the bids are opened to see what the city needs to do to get the street ready for paving.

Bids will be opened on Wednesday for a walking track at the park. Mayor Wagner reminded everyone about the memorial and honor blocks available to be placed around the walkway.

"We need to have a number so we can get them ordered," he said. "Anyone wanting to order can call City Hall for more information."

The council had no objection to having the maintenance hangar painted at a cost of $9,750. The cost will come from airport funds.

Mayor Wagner said he is meeting with Manila Industries to discuss a low interest loan for a power coat painting business interested in building between the fire station and the original Southworth facility.

"This is the way the businesses along that area got started," Mayor Wagner said. "There is a lot of movement in Osceola and I think we will get some satellite companies giving the area some jobs."

The council discussed work on the former Miranda's building which will be turned into a museum. Councilman Donovan had a painting created by her husband, Dan Donovan. The painting will be billboard size and be placed near the new museum.

Mayor Wagner said at the request of 12 families living in the Jr. Wise addition he plans to talk to Ritter Cable Co., the company who has the area franchise, about extending services to the addition.

The council went into a short executive session to discuss raises. No action was taken.

The city's bush hog is broken and Ford has found one at Baker Implement for $2,400. The council voted unanimously to make the purchase.

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