Leachville City limits officially expanded

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Leachville City Council passed ordinance 2014-4 to attach and incorporate into its corporate limits land annexed during the May primary election and assigned all the territory to Ward Three of the city.

During its regular meeting Monday, July 21, the Leachville City Council heard Ordinance 2014-4 in its entirety and voted unanimously to adopt it.

In Police Department reports Lieutenant Chuck Brown explained the police department is now covering the Highway 18, Highway 119 and other annexed areas during certain times of the day to deter speeding. He said the Department has already written several speeding tickets on Highway 18 for speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour.

Lt. Brown also said the Leachville Police Department has worked a couple accidents on Highway 18 and 119. He felt the accidents were caused by construction, rubber necking at construction work and too much speed.

Mayor Spurlock said she has been in contact with the Highway Department about trying to get a lower speed or caution light at that corner. She said once construction is complete the speed would be raised to 60 miles per hour on Highway 18 but it is still 55 for now.

Lt. Brown also told the council the police department is working about six felonies and have made three DWI arrests.

Council member Teresa Johnson, who is also a member of the Leachville Fire Department, asked Lt. Brown the procedure when a fire truck is being used at a traffic accident. Lt. Brown assured her the police department was on traffic control while the firemen were clearing the highway of fuel.

In the fire department report Johnson suggested the fire protection fee be raised by 25 cents to no more than a dollar. The fee has not been raised since its installation. The council voted 4 to 1, with council member Ethel Hetler voting against, to raise the fire protection fee from 25 cents to 75 cents and revisit the issue in five years. Hetler voted no because she would liked to have had more information on the matter.

Mayor Spurlock told the council the city is working on figuring out how to bill the newly annexed citizens for garbage pickup, mosquito spraying and fire protection. In other reports the Mayor said the street department is working on keeping things mowed and will continue to pick up limbs from wind damage.

In the water department report Mayor Spurlock said the construction for the new aerator is being done. She went on to say the water department will wait to purchase new batteries for its golf cart used to read meters and the city would also need to budget next year for some concrete work that needs to be done.

The Council approved the repair of doors at the Melody Theater for $1,481 by Ditta Enterprise. The money will come out of the theater fund.

Spurlock did tell the council a grocery store is still in the works.

Before adjourning Johnson thanked the city for allowing the Cave Dwellers to use the park for the fireworks on the 4th of July and all present thanked the Cave Dwellers for their work for the community.

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