Monette Council talks repairs

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Monette City Council voted to purchase a new pump for the lift pumping station at Monette Manor and make needed repairs to the city well during its meeting Monday, July 21.

Mayor Chub Qualls explained that repairing the lift station at the nursing home, which has had problems in the past, would cost $12,799 without labor. The cost of a new pump with labor is $33,891. Qualls said, "We have problems with the city well that have to be repaired as well and that is going to cost $23,000."

Alderman Tom Carroll said the city has gone a long time without any major repair needs and the city budget should support both. Alderman Dick Pace looked at the city budget saying there is $50,000 allocated for future needs in the sewer department that would cover the cost of the pump and $40,000 for future needs allocated in the water department that would cover the cost of the well repairs.

The Council voted unanimously to purchase a new pump with the sewer fund and do the well repairs. Alderman Pace said even with cost of repairs there would still be money left for future needs.

Police Chief Brian Carmichael along with Mayor Qualls explained to the council that the police department's 2006 car was having a water pump replaced when the engine froze unexpectedly while being repaired. Carmichael said the department still has three cars and can make it but that the city police vehicles are getting older. He said he would like to start the process of looking to replace one of the older vehicles with a newer model.

Alderman asked if the shop doing the repairs to the police car has insurance that would pay for a new motor and how much it would cost to get a new motor for the vehicle. After some discussion the Council agreed it was best for the city if it starts looking for grant funds for a new police vehicle as well as look into the cost of repairing the 2006 model car.

Chief Carmichael also talked to the Council about the city's animal ordinance. He read the ordinance and asked if it could be clarified. He said some of the wording in the title needed to be included in the actual ordinance.

Aldermen looked over the ordinance and agreed to ask the city attorney to draft an ordinance that doesn't leave room for confusion so the animal ordinance could be fully enforced the way it was intended to be.

In other business Mayor Qualls announced National Night out at the Monette Park would be 6-9 p.m. Sept. 18. The council also agreed to advertise with Relay for Life as they have done in the past for $500. Mayor Qualls said the city did receive a letter from the Highway Department that did not answer the city's questions and aldermen agreed the city shouldn't do anything at this time.

Mayor Qualls and Vickki Carroll, city recorder, said they have been asked why Monette does not have a Facebook page for announcements. The city is currently under a boil order, which was announced via fliers, television, radio and newspaper. Carroll said having a Facebook page would be an additional way to announce things like boil warnings as well as events like the Night Out at the Park. The Council agreed to allow elected city personnel to set up a Facebook page, which would be for information only, it would not be used as a city website.

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