Cotton research ongoing

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Pictured are, from left: Dr. Bill Robertson, state cotton specialist, Noel Goodwin, field technician, and Ray Benson, Mississippi County Extension Service chair. The equipment is modified for research and was used at the test fields near the Manila Airport.

Dr. Bill Robertson, state cotton specialist, and field technician Noel Goodwin were in Manila on Thursday spraying foliar fertilizer products on test plots near the Manila Airport.

The joint project is a combination of teamwork from the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, USDA, local farmers, and the city of Manila. Dr. Tina Gray Teague with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture and professor in the Department of Agriculture and Technology at ASU, along with Ray Benson, Mississippi County Extension Service chair, are among the researchers heading up the project.

Goodwin was spraying foliar fertilizer products using modified equipment. The equipment allows 12 different compounds to be sprayed across the field.

Robertson said 12 different stainless steel cans are used along with an air compressor to distribute different combinations of fertilizer. The equipment is statistically designed for research.

Data will be taken from cotton to compare what works best. Four companies provided the foliar products for the research.

"This is a good place to do research," Robertson said.

Dr. Robertson will be back testing more combinations of defoliation products.

All of the results from the research will be available and beneficial to area growers.

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