Back in Malvern after seeing 47 state parks

Thursday, June 19, 2014
Herman Davis State Park in Manila was number 42 for Bob and Louanne Rowe of Malvern.

Bob and Louanne Rowe of Malvern are home after visiting 47 Arkansas State Parks. The Herman Davis Monument Park (one of the smallest state parks) was number 42 of the tour.

The couple visited in Manila on Friday evening of Memorial Day Weekend.

"We knew there were many areas of Arkansas we had not seen and were unfamiliar to us," Mrs. Rowe said. "We decided to plan trips and visit Arkansas and all of its 52 State parks which would take us to all areas of the state."

They began their trips around the first of the year and have continued driving to all four corners of Arkansas.

"During our travels, we have had some of the most unexpected and pleasant experiences," she said. "We can truly say visiting the different places in Arkansas has been rewarding."

They said when they visited the Herman Davis Monument in Manila they thought it was fitting to see the Boy Scouts decorating the ground with the American flags.

"We only wish we had done this sooner and more Arkansans would take time to see what a diverse geographical state in which we live and meet some of the most interesting and friendly people in the country," Mrs. Rowe said. "We look forward to completing our tour of the state this summer and reflecting over our most pleasant travels."

They expressed their appreciation to Donna Jackson and Scoutmaster Mike Warrenfells for the hospitality they received in Manila.

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