Buffalo Island Central West Elementary receives reward funds

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Dr. Kima Stewart, BIC West principal and Gaylon Taylor, BIC District superintendent, congratulate the staff and students on being in the top 20 percent and the recipient of a reward funds in the amount of $20,403.75.

Being a high performing school not only draws recognition and honor, but it now results in direct financial incentives to build upon that success.

In the 2013-2014 school year, 206 public schools were recognized as high performing schools through the Arkansas School Recognition and Reward Program. The program recognizes the top 20 percent of schools based on academic achievement, academic growth and graduation rates.

To honor BIC West, Dr. Kima Stewart, principal, and Galyon Taylor, superintendent, presented a ceremonial check to the staff. BIC West received $20,403.75.

"Academic achievement and growth not only mean students are getting a quality education, they resulted in additional funds for high performing schools," Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Tom Kimbrell said. "The funds will allow schools to provide additional resources and tools to help students become ready for college and careers."

Act 1429 of 2013 revised the program and Act 703 of 2013 appropriated funding. A total of $7 million from the governor's allocation of the General Improvement Fund was designated for the program this school year. The Legislature supported Beebe's recommendation to fund the program with $7 million for General Revenue in School year 2014-2015.

Schools in the top 20 percent this year received $45.35 per student. Schools in the top 10 percent received $90.70 per student.

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