Lake City Council will request monthly report

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lake City Alderman Danny Dunigan made a request to Mayor Jon Milligan that Sylvester Smith with Legacy Consulting present a monthly report to the Council when they met Monday, May 16. He said the report should include projects he is presently working on and what future plans are for the City. The mayor agreed to contact Mr. Smith and also said Smith was to attend to the council meetings quarterly.

Mayor Milligan presented the council with the monthly financial report for review as well as the River City Hydraulics contract to review. The city attorney had not reviewed the contract in time for the council to proceed with a vote. This will be on next month's agenda.

Mayor Milligan told the Council he had gathered information requested by Brian Adams to purchase city property to build a church in Lake City. The property consists of four acres located by the new cemetery in Lake City.

Motion was made by Alderman Dunigan and seconded by Alderman Jeffery Wisham to allow Mayor Milligan to negotiate a selling price on four acres of city property located by the new cemetery, between The City of Lake City and Brian Adams. Motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Mayor Milligan reported he has received sell or transfer information on the recycle trucks which will take place sometime in June. At this time an attorney is reviewing the contracts.

Mayor Milligan asked the Council for input on what streets in the city needed to be paved next. It will soon be time to apply for the State Highway Funds for the upcoming year. Projects named included Cottonwood from Highway 18 to Lake Street, Fourth Street from Catfish Drive to Highway 18 (after Rebel Drive is widened), Milo Street and Willow Run.

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