Manila Council discusses pool

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner announced the therapeutic pool is ready to open and should be open at noon Monday through Wednesday and at 1 p.m. on Fridays. Classes will be open to the Manila senior citizens and others as space allows.

In other announcements Mayor Wagner said there will be a lifeguard training session in Manila on May 10-11 for anyone interested in earning certification and working as a lifeguard at the Manila pool.

The council agreed to purchase plaques to be placed at the pool house and plans for an open house/dedication for the waterpark/pool.

"We can have an open house on Friday afternoon, May 23, after school the day before the opening date," Mayor Wagner said. "We can serve hot dogs and if the weather is nice let the children swim for a couple of hours at no charge."

A time and finalized plans will be announced at a later date.

Mayor Wagner has been meeting with representatives of the highway department about the city's options to move the city utilities along the proposed Highway 18 bypass.

Mayor Wagner updated the council on the progress of new terminal building at the municipal airport.

"The tile is being put down today and it looks good," Wagner said. "We will host a county mayor's meeting there on May 20."

The mayor has applied for a grant to build a new senior center next to the community center.

"They can share the parking lot which will save money," Mayor Wagner said. "The senior citizen center is doing so well they need their own building."

In other reports, Mayor Wagner said the walking trail grant should be finalized next week and the airport now has fuel available for airplanes.

"We had five planes on Saturday to fly in for fuel," he said.

The council was in agreement to look into purchasing a city vehicle (pick-up truck) through the state bid process to be used at the airport terminal and for other uses. Later it can be passed down to the police department or city workers. The airport and the city can share the cost of the vehicle.

Mayor Wagner also announced Manila Community Center will be the location for a Razorback banquet set for May 5.

The city is looking to hire a full-time employee in the maintenance department, preferably someone who can operate a back hoe.

Councilman Dale Murphy asked about anchoring the large picnic tables at the park and checking into a pumping station near the school.

Mayor Wagner announced there will be an open house at Wagner Medical Clinic from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, April 29.

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