Manila Council discusses museum, pool and clean up

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner addressed the city council with a proposal to join with Manila Industries and Manila Depot Committee to purchase the former Miranda's building on the corner Baltimore and Dewey Streets to expand the Manila museum. The museum has outgrown the train depot where it is presently housed. Miranda's building is located just across from the depot museum.

Mayor Wagner explained the city will own the building and the depot committee will manage the museum.

"The depot is too small," Councilman Linda Donovan said. "We want to turn the train depot back into the original train depot that served the area for so many years."

Mayor Wagner explained each of the three groups will pay $15,000 purchasing the building for $35,000 and using $10,000 for paint and shelving.

Bob Walker with Barton Lumber Co., displays slip-resistant paint samples for the pool house flooring. Pictured with Walker are Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner, Councilman Linda Donovan, and Water Clerk Susie Baker.

This will be the start for the Main Street Project. Committee members for the Main Street Project include Lisa Hitchcock, Donna Jackson and Barbara Chojnacki.

Mayor Wagner said the building is in good shape.

The council voted unanimously to purchase the building to be used for a museum.

The council viewed samples provided for slip-resistant paint for the swimming pool house floors instead of tile. Mayor Wagner said it can be delivered in three days, it is less expensive and it will take about three days to install.

The council voted unanimously to go with the slip-resistant paint.

Mayor Wagner announced spring clean-up will be from April 15 to May 15 with the transfer station in Manila open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The county landfill is offering a free day if anyone wants to take items to the county landfill at Luxora on April 26 from 7 a.m. until noon.

Susan Robinson of Manila addressed the council about a building permit for a residential storage building.

"I paid my money for a permit and then I was told I had to come to the city council for approval," Robinson said. "She presented her plans for the building."

Mayor Wagner said all building projects, mobile homes or apartment building plans have to come through the council.

Councilman Tony Hawkins asked if there is a problem when someone calls Fred (Fred Burkes, code enforcement officer) for a permit to build a storage building and they show him the plans, everything is in order and he approves.

"They moved out two trailers used for storage buildings and cleaned up to put up the building," Hawkins said.

"We have to be consistent and treat everyone the same," Mayor Wagner said.

Hawkins made a motion to suspend the rules and allow Robinson to present the plans since it was a special-called meeting.

After a discussion the board voted to suspend the rules and hear the request.

"I understand about some structures but everything here is legal," Hawkins said. "She came in and asked for a residential storage building within the guidelines."

The council voted to approve the request for the residential storage building.

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