Caraway talks fireworks

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Caraway City Council discussed purchasing fireworks for the city's Fourth of July festivities at its regular meeting Thursday, April 10.

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley told the council there will be a youth rodeo on the Fourth but was not sure about a baseball game. He went on to say the city purchased $3,500 worth of fireworks last year but this year the city budget is really tight. Mayor Riley suggested the city use its one cent sales tax fund to purchase the $3,500 fireworks.

"It is a tradition and I would hate to see it go," Marvin Browning, councilman, said.

"I like tradition but the one cent sales tax was pitched to be used for projects like roads, water system and I don't think the citizens would like it if we used those funds for that," Councilman Mitchell Tipton said.

Browning made a motion to purchase the fireworks with half the funds coming out of the one cent sales tax fund and half coming out of the factory account. The motion passed four to two with Tipton and councilman Bo James voting against.

The Council heard the third and final reading of Ordinance 2014-2 setting the District Court in Lake City as the collection agent for fines. The council passed the ordinance unanimously.

In other business Mayor Riley said the Main Street project is underway and the concrete work for the Veteran's Memorial started Friday, April 11. He went on to say the city is waiting on approval from the USGA grant for $50,000 to put on a new roof at the community building. Once the grant is approved the city will have to purchase flood insurance for that building.

Councilman Tipton said the Industrial Development Team met with someone to discuss the Caraway city website.

"There were a lot of avenues opened up to us when we spoke to this guy," Tipton said. "This can be something not just for factories but for those that have homes for sale. We are looking at $450-$500 to get it up and running and then a yearly domain fee and upgrade fees."

Tipton said the website would also list town events and would have links to sites such as KAIT, Riverside School District, Ritter, the two electric companies and Source Gas.

"We are doing our best to advertise for the city and the internet is going to be a pretty good tool for that, " Mayor Riley said.

The Council then talked about a grant the city applied for last year for a new concession stand at the city's ball park. That grant could be changed to purchase a new police vehicle. Mayor Riley told the council the grant is the best chance the city has to get a new police vehicle and repairs can be made to the existing concession stand. He said some roof repair work has already been done.

"Before we change the grant I would like to know if we can step up and help our park commission," Tipton said. "The score boards don't work, the concession stand needs more repair and they don't think they are going to have the budget to make it through the year. I know we need a police car but our children's program has gone downhill and we need to keep that up."

The Council discussed other ways to pay for a police car as well as other ways to help the park commission. No decision was made on changing the grant. Councilman Roger Williams brought a couple issues before the council including the need for an ordinance for no jake break on a truck for use in the city's school zone. Mayor Riley said he would look into the matter.

The Caraway Easter Egg Hunt will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 19.

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