Riverside awarded partnership funding

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Riverside Superintendent Tommy Knight shows plans for a new elementary building on the easy campus in Caraway.

Riverside Superintendent Tommy Knight was pleased to announce to the public the recent state approval of partnership funding for a new elementary facility on the east campus in Caraway.

Superintendent Knight said the partnership funds will pay 66.581 percent of the total cost. The cost of the new school is estimated at $4.3 million.

Knight said he is ready to get started. It has taken a little longer than he had hoped.

The pre-kindergarten will remain in the newest part of the elementary building which was built within the last 10 years and is still in very good condition, Knight said.

The K-6 building will be located where the old junior high school was located and tie into the side of the gymnasium which will be used for physical education and elementary sports. Also the classrooms in the gym will be remodeled and utilized.

Once the building is complete everything will be under one roof and will be a secure building. One door, near the office, will be unlocked.

The safe room will remain on campus and will be only 50 yards away from the building.

"Hopefully, we will be able to have a stage area in the new cafeteria similar to the high school," Knight said. "Once the building is all finished, we are looking at a new playground inside a fence and the entire campus will be secure."

Knight has been in contact with the architect and if the weather permits, dirt work can start in August.

"We were hoping to have the building done one year from August but it is looking like it will be around Christmas 2015 for it to be completed," Knight said.

The plans allow for the students to remain in the present facility until all is complete. There will be no disruption of classes during the building process. The demolition of the old building will take place after the move.

The new facility will house a library music room and computer room. With the new facility the district will be able to update the technology equal to what is in the new high school.

"It is a work in progress," Knight said. "The architect is still working on the finalized plans."

Cahoons-Steiling Studio is the architect firm and Mark Cahoon is the architect. The construction manager is Tate Construction.

"Like I said, it has taken a little longer than I wished but it will be good when it comes about," Knight said. "We should be ready for a ground breaking in the near future."

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