Riverside School District gets good audit review

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Riverside School, for the second consecutive year, received a good audit review. Superintendent Tommy Knight shared the information with board members at the regular meeting held Monday night, April 7.

"I am proud we went through it with flying colors again this year," Knight said. "There were no findings reported."

Following the review of the minutes and the financial report, Mr. Knight said he was keeping an eye on the cost of fuel.

Knight then presented a list of Riverside students who placed in the ASU Regional Science Fair which included five first place winners, two second place winners, five third place winners and one student finishing fifth overall.

"These students qualified to go to state but due to state and prom being the same time, not all of the winners attended the state competition," Knight said. "We will have to work on our scheduling next year."

Two students, Morgan Booth and Rose Varner, received honorable mentions at state.

The board voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Brenda Buerkle, business teacher.

"Mrs. Buerkle is planning on retiring," Knight said. "We hate to lose her but we wish her well in her plans."

The board voted 5-0 to rehire classified personnel.

Millennium 3 was awarded the bid for 60 computers at a total cost of $27,058.80. The new computers will be divided between the two elementary campuses.

Mr. Knight said they had received a settlement amount on the storm damage to the bus shop on the east campus in the amount of $71,000. He said he would talk to the architect and discuss the district's options on repair or taking the back part of the building down.

Mr. Knight announced the state facility board met last week approving the remaining year one projects and all of year two projects. Riverside falls in the year two category and was approved. Knight said he would start working on getting the paperwork submitted, meet with construction manager and hopefully dirt work could begin this summer on a new elementary building on the east campus.

"We are moving in the right direction," Knight said.

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