Caraway Council talks industrial development

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
The Caraway City County discuses the city's industrial team's idea for a city website.

The Caraway City Council voted in its regular meeting Thursday, March 13, to give the city's industrial development team $5,000 to start projects including a website.

Mayor Barry Riley told the council that he found a lease agreement between the city and the previous industrial development team to lease the Basler Electric building for the nominal fee of $1 a year for 10 years. In 2009 when that lease was up no action was taken so the original agreement stayed in place.

"I've talked to our attorney and he says the money from the factory belongs to the city," Riley said. "That leaves our industrial development team with nothing. The industrial development committee has met twice since our council meeting in May and they have a lot of great ideas. One is for a website that will list the property for sale in Caraway."

Council member Mitchell Tipton, who serves on the industrial development team, explained the city website would list both residential and commercial property for sale in the city along with the price of the property. He said it could also be used to list events the city has coming up and once the city receives the deed for the Basler Electric building could be used to list that property as well. The council with Tipton abstaining from voting unanimously approved giving the team $5,000 so it can get underway projects to bring businesses into the town.

In other business the council approved the second reading of Ordinance 2014-2 appointing Craighead County District Court as the city's collecting agent for fines, accepted the resignation of Billy Pendergrass from the park commission, and accepted the resignation of Glen Boone from the park commission. Mayor Riley asked anyone who had suggestions for replacing Boone and Pendergrass on the commission to please let him know. Councilman Tipton also asked if the Mayor and Council would look into seeing if the city could help the Park Commission in any way.

Mayor Riley then talked to the council about the $80,000 grant to build a new concession stand at the city park. He said he talked to Rural Services to see if the grant could be changed so it could be used to purchase two new vehicles for the city. Mayor Riley asked the council to think about the matter and a decision would have to be reached by August. He said the need for a new police vehicle is great and the city could make repairs to the current concession stand but if the council wants to leave the grant as it is they could do that.

Caraway Equine Arena director Roger Bell asked the council if he could put a sign close to the state highway marking the entrance into the arena and the council said they would help him find a location for the sign. Bell also announced that there would be a barrel racing event at the arena on April 12, a youth event with a carnival on May1-3 and a youth event on the fourth of July. Anyone wanting to schedule an event or wanting information about an upcoming event can contact Bell at 870-930-8067.

Before the meeting adjourned Caraway Fire Chief Scott Browning asked the council about offering the city's firemen first responders training that will allow them to go out on first responder calls to stabilizes victims until ambulance personnel arrived on the scene. The training would cost about $25 per person and Browning proposed to pay the firemen who go through the training based on the percentage of the first responder calls they take. The council tabled the matter until more information could be obtained. Mayor Riley then announced the city clean sweep will start April 7.

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