Monette Council approves sanitation rate increase

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Monette Mayor Chub Qualls opens bids for the sale of an old city truck.

Monette Council passed a $2 rate increase for garbage collection for cans only effective May 1.

The rate increase was passed at the Monday, Feb. 17, council meeting to offset the growing cost of tipping fees. Alderman Philip Duffel explained to the council that since 2008 tipping fees have increased every year without a sanitation rate increase. With tipping fees going up again this year the sanitation department cannot bear the cost without increasing fees for garbage pick up for the city's 700 cans. Duffel said in the last four years there has been a $9.50 per ton increase and the city is paying $2,588 a month in tipping fees.

"I want this to be as low as we can get it," Duffel said. "I want it to be as minimal and as affordable as it can be."

The council unanimously approved a $2 collection rate increase. Duffel then presented the council with quotes for a new sanitation truck. The city's current garbage truck has had several mechanical issues and needs to be replaced. The best quote was from Downing Sales and Service for $117,274.

"This includes everything we need," Duffel said. "It gives us a bigger truck and will allow us to hopefully start picking up dumpsters from the gin. We will have fewer trips to the dump and it will save us in gas."

A new sanitation truck will also save on maintenance cost. The council unanimously approved the purchase of the truck with the sanitation department paying half down and financing the remainder for five years as long as the interest rate is reasonable. The monthly payments are estimated to be between $1,000-$1,200.

In other business the council approved the amended minutes from last month's meeting as well as amended financial statements before discussing the purchase of a John Deere tractor for the street department. Alderman Dick Pace said Greenway had the best financing rate and he recommended the city finance the tractor for two years. The council unanimously approved the purchase of the tractor from Greenway Tractor and Equipment in Monette with half of the cost coming out of the city's general fund and the other half from the street department.

Mayor Chub Qualls also opened bids for the sale of an old Chevrolet truck the city owns. There were approximately five bids with Jeff Stovall having the highest bid at $450. The council accepted Stovall's bid.

Mayor Qualls also announced that Joe Russell has volunteered to take over as chairman of the Christmas Parade. Russell was in attendance at the meeting and was thanked by the council for taking on the event.

Mayor Qualls along with Alderman Nance will be talking with city attorney Johnny Dunigan about forming a policy regarding road blocks at the intersection of Highway 18 and 139 North. The two will bring a recommendation to the council at next month's meeting.

Mayor Qualls will also be getting price quotes for replacing the roof of the Emerson Ambulance building and a price for a metal building that could potentially house the ambulance service.

The council approved a quote of $1,700 from Chambers Electric to replace the 1983 heating unit at the city shop. The council also voted unanimously to allow the Monette Youth Association to enter into agreements with advertisers to place signs at the city ball fields.

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