Council sets water park prices

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Manila Mayor Wagner and council members set prices for admission and rental of the Manila Water Park which will open for its first full season May 24.

The council set the admission price at $3 for children 11 and under; $5 for 12 and over; and 62 and over no charge. The water park will be available for rental every night except Wednesday or Sunday nights. Those days are being held in reserve for church activities. The cost to rent the whole facility will be $350. The cost will be $175 for those who share the pool with two or three parties.

Mayor Wagner said there is plenty of room to set up additional parties on different areas of the pool.

City officials discussed the most fair way to offer the pool for rental and it was decided to have a drawing on April 5 at the Community Center giving everyone an equal opportunity to pick a night as their name is drawn.

Starting March 24 anyone interested in putting their name in the hat to rent the pool can stop by Manila City Hall and submit their names. The drawing will be held starting at 9 a.m. Saturday, April 5, at the Community Center. The doors will open at 8 a.m. and anyone interested in renting the pool will have the opportunity to register before the drawing begins at 9 a.m. The rental dates will be picked in order of the drawings, first drawn, first pick, etc. There will be a $100 deposit required the day of the drawing. There will be a 75 percent refund if a 10 day cancellation notice is given.

"We know the pool is going to open in May and we have time to arrange for lifeguard training for anyone 16 and over who is interested in working this summer," Mayor Wagner said. "If anyone is interested in becoming a lifeguard and working at the pool they need to call city hall to apply."

Mayor Wagner said he is confident the half mile walking trail at the city park will be completed in the spring. The council discussed the placement of memorial blocks along the trail. Stones are still available. If senior classes, veterans, families, purchase the stones, it will be like a history walk.

A discussion was held on an art contest to design an entry-way sign at the park entrance.

Wagner also updated the council on the progress of the new administration building at the airport saying the outside work is almost complete.

"This will be a good facility for the city," he said. "Fences will be moved allowing for more parking."

The council passed a resolution at the Feb. 18 meeting allowing Mayor Wagner to apply for a grant through the rural development commission to help repair/replace the roof at the Community Center.

Council discussed insurance through the Hospital Wings for employees.

"Chief Jackie Hill and I have talked with a representative from Hospital Wings," Mayor Wagner said. "City employees can be covered for $20 each per year. I just want you to consider the options. Should we cost share with employees, or would you like to offer it with other benefits?"

Chief Hill said he would have a representative at the next meeting to answer some of the questions the council members had.

Mayor Wagner updated the council on work at the pool. He said there is a leak in the big pool. He said it is under warranty and Memphis Pool is scheduled to take care of it. He said they would not put the flooring down until it is repaired.

The council disucssed, but took no action on, renaming one of the Dewey Streets.

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