Riverside Science Fair Winners

Friday, February 21, 2014
Riverside science fair winners.

Riverside held its annual science fair recently with 41 winners qualifying to go on the next level of competition which will be held at Arkansas State University in March. Winners of the NEA Regional Science Fair will go on to compete at Conway in April.

The Riverside Science Fair was open to the public giving the community the opportunity to view the projects on display in the cafeteria. Judges from Arkansas State University picked the top three winners in the different categories.

The students are under the direction of Jeremy Lamb and Jamie Teal, Riverside science teachers.

Winners of the different categories are:

Mathematics - Anna Brickell, first place; Megan Davidson, second place; Kaitlin Lindley, third place.

Environmental management -- Rose Varner, first place; Willow Booth, second place; Teddy Pollard, third place.

Physics -- Amber Throgmartin, first place; Matt Turner, second place; Gavin Stone, third place.

Plant Science -- Jon Milligan, first place; Matthew Sanders, second place; Briana Campbell, third place; Zach Poe, honorable mention.

Animal Science -- Lauren Smith, first place; Morgan Booth, second place; Taylor Smith, third place.

Earth and Planetary Science -- Blake Hall, first place.

Engineering -- Caden Qualls, first place; Dylan Despain, second place; Braden Eldridge, third place.

Biology -- Eric Butler, first place; Grant Mason, second place; Ashley Booth, third place.

Behavioral Science -- Kayli Womack, first place; Caden Barrett, second place; Payton Brady, third place; Nick Hayes, honorable mention.

Chemistry -- Catlyn Sailor, first place; Rocklan McCall, second place; Julian Price, third place; Hannah Pack, honorable mention.

Team -- Molly Davis and Kasey Fletcher along with Madison Black and Sara Chamness tied for first place; summer Holden and Kendall Brown, second place; Taylor Archer and Ashlynn Davis, third place; April Baker and Chelsea Nichols, honorable mention.

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