Caraway Council appoints Industrial Development Team

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Caraway City Council reinstated the city's Industrial Development Team at the regular meeting held Thursday, Feb. 13.

Mayor Barry Riley explained that in previous years the city had an Industrial Development Team that was able to bring in factories and small business. He said he would like to see that happen again and presented the council with a list of people willing to serve on the committee.

Those volunteering to serve include the mayor, council members Mitchell Tipton and Roger Williams as well as Caraway citizens Melanie Gynnard and Ronnie Hurst.

The council, with Tipton and Williams abstaining from voting, approved the members. The city will be turning its factory maintenance funds over to the team so they can begin work recruiting businesses.

In other business Mayor Riley announced Caraway was awarded $166,000 for its Kentucky (main) Street project, which will include repaving, new sidewalks, new fire hydrants and water line repairs. He also announced the paper work has been started for Caraway to take over the former Basler Electric building. The Council unanimously approved the city's water audit. Council Members also approved Ordinance 2014-2 appointing the Criaghead County District Court as its agent for collecting fines.

Mayor Riley then presented council members with two bids for repairs to the Caraway Ball Park's concrete wall. After much discussion the council approved going with Northeast Arkansas Fence and Repair for a total of $8,100. The company will replace the sections of concrete wall that were damaged by the tornado as well as put up a five foot fence from the south side of the park to the dugouts. Mayor Riley went on to explain that in right field there would be a 12 foot section left open with a gate to allow access to the field for repair.

The Council also agreed to take over utilities for the Lions Club room at City Hall and look into cost of roof repairs for the ball park concession stand. Mayor Riley also agreed to look into repairs for the fishing pier.

Before the council adjourned council member Bo James announced there will be several events coming up at the rodeo arena. He said on April 12 there will be barrel racing, on July 4 there will be a youth event and on May 2-3 there will be a youth event. James said the May 2-3 event will feature a Fun Time Shows carnival in front of the arena.

In order to have the carnival there needs to be water and electric run to that area. James asked the city to put in a two inch water line and install a 200 amp breaker box to the area. He said the water line would not only support the rodeo arena but the new car wash that is being built. The Council approved spending $1,973 for the project.

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