BIC athlete Brittany Stockton receives state championship ring

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brittany Stockton, a 2013 graduate of Buffalo Island Central High School, was once again in the spotlight at the Mustang Athletic Complex (MAC) on Dec. 17 as she was presented a state championship ring in track. Brittany, a four sport athlete at BIC, won first place in District and first place in State in the discus throw making her the first Lady Mustang to win a state track championship. She also competed in the shot put competition. Brittany was also a Lady Mustang basketball player, softball player, golf team member and on the track team.

Brittany Stockton at Arkansas State Track awards ceremony.

The state track competition was held in Ft. Smith during the spring of her senior year. She had done well in state her sophomore year coming in runner-up in discus throw. She was only one inch away from the state title her junior year. She surprised herself her senior year by throwing 96' and 9".

"I didn't expect it, it was my best ever," she said."

In the discus competition participants get to throw three times. They can use their best throw and hold the last throw to see what others have done.

Brittany Stockton receives state ring from Coach Stan Fowler at the Mustang Athletic Complex.

"I held on to the second one for a long time," she said. "I took the third throw and it was just over 95' so I won with my second throw. Each time I was up I just prayed for the Lord to help me do my best."

Brittany is no stranger to the track field competition as she went to state all of her high school years. She did so well in 2012 r at state she was invited to compete in the Australia Down Under International Games.

She and her grandfather, James Stockton, spent two weeks in Australia. It was an experience of a lifetime.

"Some of the girls there were working toward qualifying for the Olympics," Brittany said. "I watched and I picked up a lot of new techniques while I was there."

Overall in the Down Under meet Brittany came in 18th out of 32 in the shot put; 14 out of 28 in the discus throw, and she tried the Javelin throw. It was the first time she had ever thrown a Javelin and she came in 12 out of 30.

She said she had a lot of support and thanks to her friends, church family, local businesses and family helping with donations and helping with fundraisers she was able to be a part of the International Games.

Brittany shows her state ring for winning state championship in discus throw.

Brittany loves sports and considers herself fortunate to have been in state competition every year throughout her high school years in golf, basketball, softball, and track. She has also been All Conference player in softball and her team was state runner-up in golf her junior year.

She enjoys sports and when track first started during her junior high years, she was drawn to the discus throw. The coach took the BIC girls to Paragould to see the different competition available in track.

"I am not a real fast runner and I was not really interested in the long distance running but when I saw discus throw competition, I thought I can do that," she said. "I have upper body strength and it takes good knees and arms. I started practicing and throwing just for fun and it paid off."

She likes both the discus throw and the shot put but discus is her favorite. The discus weight is 1kg and the shot put weighs eight pounds for girls.

"I have enjoyed all of the sports and spending time with my teammates who are my extended family," Brittany said. "I have made so many good memories and lifelong friendships through my sports."

Her basketball team won the NEA tournament her senior year and her golf team did well winning state runner-up her junior year. She went to state in all four sports during her high school years.

Even though she was busy with sports, she was taught academics come first and she managed to participate in sports and finish as an Honor Student.

"Without the grades, I would not have been able to participate in the sports I love," Brittany said.

She is working with her younger sister, Holly, in discus and shot put.

"I would love for her to have the same experiences I have had," Brittany said.

She also commended her parents, Tammy and Tommy Stockton, and her grandparents, James and Ruth Ann Keith, for being her strong supporters in all of her academics and sports. She said she appreciates her boyfriend Trey Walker, who has encouraged her throughout her high school years.

She will always be a Lady Mustang and still enjoys going to the basketball games and cheering on the team. She is a freshman at Arkansas Northeastern College and is pursuing a RN Degree. She works part time and serves as shift manager at Subway in Monette.

"I had a great experience during my years at BIC," Brittany said. "I miss it but I have a lot of wonderful memories."

She has plans to continue playing softball on a women's league and as soon as the weather gets better she plans to continue golfing with her family and friends.

Brittany said she is willing to help coach and share information with any young people interested in pursuing competitive track events or other sports.

She will wear her state championship ring with pride and it will remind her of a great day on the field.

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