Leachville Council approves 2014 budget

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Leachville City Council

The Leachville City Council approved the 2014 budget for the city at the regular meeting held Dec. 9.

The Council went department by department looking at each budgeted item carefully reviewing the proposed budget. Mayor Shelia Spurlock along with city clerk/treasurer Ruth Keith said they worked hard to prepare the new budget, which will be tight to make sure all the necessary equipment can be purchased.

Highlights of the budget include a new tractor for the street department, a new aerator for the water/sewer department, and a new vehicle for the police department. Those items will be purchased on lease agreements with monthly payments.

The budget also included a three percent raise for all city employees as well as an increase in pay for a part-time police officer and a raise to lieutenant pay for an officer that was promoted to the position this year.

Mayor Spurlock and Keith explained that workers compensation went up this year but unemployment went down.

"We used the same unemployment rate that we had for this year to figure the new budget," Keith said. "Then we were notified it had gone down so that line item will be inflated in each department. That gives us a little extra money that we can use if we need it."

After carefully reviewing the budget and asking questions the council first approved the pay increases for the police officers and then unanimously approved the 2014 budget.

In other business the council unanimously agreed on the area for proposed annexation. The city will be getting a legal description of the proposed area to proceed with the next step in the annexation process. They agreed to annex on N 49 (Wildy Road) across from the Leachville turnoff on Highway 18 to the curve, down Highway 18 to the county line and a half mile on each side of Highway 18. The area also includes N 17 to Buffalo Ditch and South on N 17 to W 314.

Police Chief Keith Evans said the Leachville Police Department is working three felony drug cases and have made arrests in those cases. Mayor Spurlock informed the council there is still a problem with the water tower. She explained it was struck by lightening and the city will file an insurance claim to help pay for the new filter that it now needs.

"The water is safe and good but they are having to work a lot of hours to keep the tower full," Spurlock said.

The council also approved the minutes from its previous meeting and the month's financial report.

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