Manila City Council approves resolutions

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Manila Mayor Wayne points where the new sewer lines will be placed.

Manila City Council members met in special session Monday, Nov. 4, to discuss annexation of new bank and clinic, and accepting a grant from Delta Regional Authority.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner read the resolution bringing the new clinic and the new bank, west of Manila on Highway 18, into the city limits. The council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution. Council members present included Linda Donovan, Larry "Whiz" Davis, Donnie Wagner, Jason Baltimore and Tony Hawkins. Dale Murphy was not present.

The 10 acre block was zoned commercial and was assigned to Ward 21B.

Mayor Wagner read a second resolution regarding a Federal/State grant from Delta Regional Authority in the amount of $194,500, for a sewer project on Highway 18, West. Mayor Wagner explained where the sewer would be placed.

It will include the new businesses, drilling under the highway and will include the Cherry home and give access down the highway.

In addition to accepting the grant, the council voted to designate the mayor as administrator for the grant. If for any reason Mayor Wagner leaves office, the next mayor will assume the duties of administrator.

Mayor Wagner discussed the upcoming street paving. Plans are to pave several streets on the list including the street around the swimming pool, a street at Teal Point, a street in Brewer Subdivision, and Eden Lane.

Mayor Wagner said Sonny Ashley has an additional street ready to pave. Mayor said Mr. Ashley is willing to pay for the additional work and the city reimburse him for the additional $20,000 in July.

"We have done this before," Mayor Wagner said.

This street would have been on the list next year.

The council had no objects and voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

Mayor Wagner announced the Christmas Parade will be held on Dec. 7. There will be Christmas music and drawings held starting at 5 p.m. on the vacant lot near the bank.

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