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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Violet Burlison looks at the world differently after a near-death experience in 2009. Her cardiologist said it was nothing he did and gave God credit for Burlison's recovery.

"I agreed with my doctor completely," Burlison said. "I, too give God credit for my life. It took me about a month after my heart attack to get used to being alive. I knew I had been spared for a purpose and my hope and prayer is my books will bless people."

Burlison wrote "True Eyes," a little book of big truths.

"Having true eyes means putting what is true ahead of what you think or what you want to think," Burlison said.

The last chapter in True Eyes is about the coming tribulation period. She felt the need to go deeper and was inspired to write Tribulation, a Christian book. She sent a copy to Rexella Van Impe with VTN and received a note highly endorsing her book, "Tribulation."

"Having been blessed with Christian parents, I was taught at an early age about the coming rapture and tribulation periods. As an adult I listened to the great Bible Scholars, such as the late Grant Jeffrey, John Hagee, David Hocking, G.E. Jones, Charles Haff, and Jack Van Impe.

True Eyes has one chapter on death which is a heart subject. It also has a chapter called "Which Black Should I Be."

Burlison is sharing her books donating them to women shelters, jails, and libraries. She donated copies of her book to the Manila and the Caraway libraries last week.

She said she would be glad to send a copy to shelters or other places where they can be an inspiration. The author can be contacted by email: Tribulation is available from AuthorHouse; at Hastings at Jonesboro; Amazon; and Kindle.

She will be featured on Channel 8 with Diana Davis on Nov. 19.

She will be at Hastings in Jonesboro from 2-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, for a book signing. She invites everyone to come by and visit.

She and her husband of 25 years, Harvey Burlison, live in Paragould. She was raised between Trumann and Lake City.

Mary Alice Ketchum, Manila branch librarian, accepted the books from the author. The books will be available at Manila and Caraway Libraries.

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