Monette Council amends ordinance

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Monette City Council passed amendment to the city's animal ordinance during its regular meeting Oct. 21.

At last month's meeting citizens Rusty and Beth Thomas asked the council if they could raise livestock on their 11 acres of land, which was annexed into the city last year. The city of Monette has an animal ordinance that prohibits having livestock in the city limits and limits those that have approved livestock to having one animal for every person living in the home or an owner or occupant of qualifying property. The couple didn't want to violate the ordinance and asked if their property could be un-annexed or the ordinance changed to give consideration to the annexed areas.

City attorney Johnny Dunigan suggested all properties encompassing 10 or more acres be exempt from the ordinance but the council was in agreement that statement was too vague. Councilman Jason Stewart suggested the amendment say all properties encompassing 10 or more acres be exempt from the numerical limits of the ordinance. The council agreed that the statement would allow those in the annexed area to raise their livestock but would also have them to comply with the rest of the ordinance including having an appropriate shelter for the animals and not having an enclosure within 200 feet of any business or personal dwelling.

The council voted to suspend the rules and place the amended animal ordinance on first reading. After approving the first reading they voted two more times to suspend the rules and place the ordinance on second and third readings. The council voted unanimously to approve the ordinance pending legal approval of the city attorney.

In other business the council accepted the resignation of Revis Stewart from the Monette Memorial Cemetery board. Ricky Stewart was appointed by the council to take Stewart's place on the board. Councilman Stewart abstained from voting on both matters. Mayor Chub Qualls said there is another member of the board that will be leaving by December and Bob Hurst did say he would volunteer to be the first to serve on the cemetery board.

Mayor Qualls informed the council the Emerson Ambulance Service building was inspected for mold with none being found. He did say in the process of inspecting for mold there were a couple of roof leaks found and those are being fixed. He went on to say that both the police grant application and the application for GIF grant funds have been submitted. The Council then agreed to hold off voting on a offer made by the Arkansas Highway Department concerning the maintenance and the turning over of existing Highway 18 to the city once the Monette bypass is complete. All council members agreed the offer needed to be more specific.

Mayor Qualls then told the council the fall clean sweep was a big success and invited the council to attend the grand opening ceremony for the Monette Subway on Tuesday, Oct. 22. Councilman Shawn Nance informed the council in upcoming months it will have to adopt state codes as part of the urban planning the city has been participating in and just wanted them to be thinking about that.

Councilman Hurst let the council know that flags will be put out for Veterans Day and asked the council if it would like to change the time it meets to 6 p.m. to allow members to attend the school basketball games. The council approved the meeting time change before adjourning.

The Monette City Council discussed amending the city's livestock ordinance during its regular meeting Oct. 21.

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