Police, fire reports top Leachville Council's agenda

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Leachville City Council heard reports from the city's police and fire departments at its regular meeting Monday, Oct. 14.

The Leachville City Council reviews the city's budget during the Treasurer's Report at its regular meeting Monday, Oct. 14.

Leachville Police Chief Keith Evans told the council the department has received at $4,300 JAG grant for equipment. Evans said the department had to send a list of items the grant would be used for to get approval to spend the money.

"We are waiting to hear back from that," Evans said. "We asked for four new car radios and a new computer tower. Our current radios are 10-15 years old and need to be replaced. The new radios will also allow us to stay in contact with the state troopers who work in our area."

Evans went on to say the Leachville Police Department has been working quite a few felonies and getting convictions. Mayor Shelia Spurlock and other council members talked to Evans about skunk and dog issues in town. Evans said he would look into the dog issues.

"People who feed cats outside are helping to attract the skunks," Spurlock said. "We don't have a problem with citizens feeding their animals outside but if they could take the food in at night that would help."

Evans also told council members that a prescription drug box for outdated medicine has been placed in city hall to allow citizens to properly dispose of their prescription drugs. No liquids can be put in the box but prescription pills and creams can. He said when the box is full he will contact the drug task force to empty it and dispose of the prescriptions.

Leachville Fire Chief Mark Johnson told the council the fire department has received a $12,500 matching grant. He also said that Brian Clark, Donald Smith and Terry Oliver have been working for the department on a probation basis this year and the fire department will vote in January to decide if the three become permanent members of the Leachville Fire Department.

Mayor Spurlock and City Clerk Ruth Keith then brought to the council's attention that two retired fireman are having trouble with their pensions. Spurlock explained both were getting their pensions but now they are not due to confusion as to their retirement dates.

"The state says it needs proof that these two people worked on the fire department 20 or more years to get their pensions," Keith explained. "We don't have those records and we have looked for them. We don't have any minutes or certificates showing when these two retired but we all know they were on the fire department for more than 20 years."

The Council passed a motion to contact the state and ask what specific documentation the city needs to provide to get the pensions restarted. Spurlock also suggested that older members of the fire department write letters stating the time they served with the two fireman and when they retired.

In other business the council passed a resolution to use all five mills of the city's millage for maintenance and operation. Mayor Spurlock announced there will be two concerts coming up at the Melody Theater that will go to make repairs to the theatre and will help purchase new curtains, a projector and screen. Nashville Skyline and The Full Service Band will be doing one of the benefit concerts on Nov. 1 at the theatre. Tickets for the event are $5 and citizens can also make donations.

Spurlock went on to say the 250 children of Buffalo Island Central in Leachville will be trick or treating on main street at 8:30 a.m. on Halloween. The Leachville Christmas Parade has also been set for Nov. 30. Spurlock then reviewed with the council the 2012 Audit and discussed ways to back up the city department's computer systems. Spurlock also said the Council needs to be thinking about the city's budget, which will be presented at next month's meeting. Before adjourning the council set a working meeting for Oct. 21 to discuss annexation.

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