Recycling comes to Manila

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Missy Langston, Mississippi County Recycling Coordinator for the Solid Waste District, Donna Jackson, member of the recycling task force, and Henry Ford, Manila Utilities Supervisor, place recycling drop-off trailer next to the Manila fire Department.

A recycling drop-off container has been placed next to the Manila Fire Department on Olympia Street.

Missy Langston, recycling coordinator for the Solid Waste District in Mississippi County, said she is pleased to have Manila on the recycling team.

Drop-off trailers have been placed throughout the county including Osceola, Blytheville and Gosnell.

"This is the first step to community recycling and eventually can lead to curbside pickup," Langston said.

Rex visited at the Manila Chili Cook-off reminding everyone to recycle.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner serves on the County's Solid Waste District Board. Donna Jackson is one of the newest members of the Mississippi County recycling task force.

Mississippi County's "Rex," the dinosaur, made his first appearance in Manila at the Chili Cook-off on Saturday. Rex will be around to educate young people of the importance of recycling.

Manila residents are encouraged to use the drop-off container for plastic, paper, cans, cardboard, and plastic/cans mixed. Blue bags are available at city hall. Also, residents can use a clear-like see through bags for recycling items.

"When placing such items as cat food, soup or tuna cans please make sure they are washed out before placing in the bags," Langston said. "We want to keep the drop-off trailer as clean as possible."

The cardboard doesn't have to be sacked and the paper does not have to be shredded. All types of paper will be accepted.

The cities participating will take the drop-off trailers to Blytheville to Nuway Recycling facility when they are filled.

The signs on the trailer will direct citizens on where to place the different recyclable items. The logo on the trailer serves as a message for everyone, "Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow."

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