Quilt show displays 51 quilts

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Linda Wellman was so excited she won first place in the machine quilt category with the very first quilt she has ever made.

The third annual Quilt Show at the Buffalo Island Museum in Monette was a success. People stopped in the museum throughout the day Saturday, Sept. 28, to see the 51 quilts that were display.

Like in the past every visitor received a ballot to vote for their favorite quilt in different categories and first, second, and their place ribbons were awarded in each category. The category visitors voted on were art quilts, baby quilts, quilts of age (50 plus years old), hand quilted and machine quilted.

As visitors walked through the downstairs and upstairs of the museum they filled out their ballot. For those that could not go up the stairs there was a DVD playing downstairs of all the quilts on display to allow everyone a chance to vote. Once visitors had filled out their color coded ballots they were separated into bags to be tallied up at the end of the show.

Jamie Rolland of the Buffalo Island Museum places the first prize blue ribbon on Jane Border's baby quilt.

Every person that entered a quilt had their name put in for prize drawings which included museum sweatshirts, tee shirts, a buffet for two at B&B restaurant and a quilt top. The main $100 prize was won by Angie Rolland.

"We want to thank everybody that enter their quilts," Donna Rolland of the Buffalo Island Museum said. "Thank you for sharing your stories and quilts with us to make this year's quilt show another success. We'll be having the show again next year so get to quilting." The winners were: Quilts of Age-- first and third place Jane Border, second Henrietta Qualls; Hand Quilted-- first Jane Border, second Terrier Rolland, third Henrietta Qualls; Baby Quilts-- first Jane Border, second Madge Pruitt and third John Steele; Art Quilts-- first Henrietta Qualls, second Jo Boyd, tying for third Earnestine Harrell and William and Lillie Mae Piercy; Machine Quilts-- first Linda Wellman, second Viola Rogers, tied for third Carolyn Ingram and Marion Sparkman.

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