Construction nearing for new terminal building

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner informed the council members at the September meeting on the construction progress for a new terminal building at the municipal airport.

The grant came through and Mayor Wagner said Stonebridge Construction would be in Manila on Thursday and construction should begin in the near future. It was estimated the building will be completed by March 1.

"It will be very nice," Mayor Wagner said. "It will line up across from the front of the Community Center. It will have a large conference room and be similar to the one at the Kennett Airport."

The airport is receiving a 80/20 grant for the project.

Donna Jackson reported to the council members on a meeting she had attended on recycling containers for Manila.

"The large container is ready to be placed and the city can request the number of smaller containers to be placed in different areas," Jackson said.

She said hopefully they can kick it off at the chili cook-off with their recycling character, Rex, visiting.

"It will be good if we can get the kids involved," she said.

Mayor Wagner said he is attending a recycling meeting later in the week and would make the requests. He thanked Jackson for attending the meetings and her work on the project.

Council member Larry "Whiz" Davis said an inspector had been at the airport and gave it a complete inspection.

"He found a few things we need to address," Davis said.

Mayor Wagner said one problem is the credit card fuel pump for airplanes. He said sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not.

"We have spent several thousand dollars on the machine and it is still not working properly," Mayor Wagner said.

He pointed out the airport does need a dependable way for pilots to purchase fuel.

Mayor Wagner reported on the swimming pool.

"It was only open for nine days but I heard good comments," Mayor Wagner said. "We have a list of things that need to be done and we will have an exit conference with Will Anderson in the next few weeks. We have to make some decisions on the therapeutic pool including hours to open. We will try to open it as soon as the parking lot is finished. It should be finished in a week."

Mayor Wagner asked if the council wanted the therapeutic pool open to adults only unless it is for individual physical therapy.

"I am hoping we can open it with volunteers for a couple hours in the morning and maybe a few hours in the afternoon," Mayor Wagner said. "We will need to get a plan together for the use of the therapeutic pool. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they can call City Hall. Hopefully we can have it open by Oct. 1. We learned a lot in the nine days the pool was open."

Councilman Donnie Wagner said they really needed to work on getting more lifeguards this winter. He suggested coaches, firefighters, and other adults getting certified so they could fill in if needed.

"Once we open full time, we will need more lifeguards so they can rotate and have a few weekends off," Councilman Wagner said. "I think we need at least 20 or 30 available."

Mayor Wagner said it looked as if the pool cost will be approximately $100 an hour to be open. That includes the lifeguards, chemicals and concession. It does not include utilities.

In other business:

*The 2013 Christmas parade will be held Dec. 7 on Pearl Harbor Day. The Lions Club will also have the pancake supper the same night.

*Councilman Linda Donovan said the Business Women are looking at having banners made. The banners will represent the area.

*The council discussed the annual Homecoming Music Show but no decision was made. They discussed having it in conjunction with the Christmas parade if it could be held on Friday night before the parade. Mayor Wagner said he would discuss it with former Mayor Clifford Veach and see what dates are available.

*Mayor Wagner said the walking track is set to go and work should begin in October.

*Bid opening for the sewer system project west of Manila will be held Sept. 30 at City Hall.

*The board approved the rewording of a resolution passed at a previous meeting regarding the purchase and sale of the car wash building located at the Manila Industrial Park to Southworth. The only change in the resolution was the transaction will be in the name of ZYAX III LLC Realty instead of Southworth, Inc.

*Mayor Wagner said the city owns two signs featuring entertainers Jerry Jaye and Kenny Seratt, former Manila residents, that will have to be moved due to the widening of Highway 18. The council gave Mayor Wagner the authority to negotiate the cost of the signs with the highway department. Mayor Wagner also said it looked as if the Highway 18 Project from Towell & Sons past Freds will take about 25' on each side of the highway.

*The council approved the purchase of 50 to 75 chairs for the community center.

*A resolution was passed for the city millage. It will remain the same at 5.0.

*The board went into executive session but no action was taken.

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