Manila couples guests at 106th Infantry Division reunion

Thursday, September 19, 2013
J.D. Forsythe, World War II veteran, welcomed Gerald and Feggie Bobout and Donna and Loy Jackson to New Orleans for the 67th annual reunion of the 106th Division. (photo provided)

Loy and Donna Jackson and Gerald and Feggie Bebout of Manila recently attended the 67th annual reunion of the 106th Infantry Division in New Orleans as the guests of J.D. Forsythe.

Forsythe is a member of the 106th "Golden Lions."

The group toured the World War II Museum where Mrs. Bebout visited with Tom Blakely, a volunteer at the museum. Blakely, 93, is a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. Mrs. Bebout's father, Donald Veach, was also a member of the 82nd.

Mrs. Bebout wore her father's 82nd Airborne reunion tee shirt to meet Blakely. When he noticed the tee shirt, he opened his uniform shirt and displayed his reunion tee shirt.

He shared memories of his time in the 82nd while looking over photos and other memorabilia belonging to Mr. Veach.

The Manila group joined the 106th on a bus tour of the city and New Orleans' unique above-ground graveyards. The trip included stops at a variety of shops and restaurants featuring the city's famous seafood and desserts. The trip concluded with a banquet on Saturday night at the Hilton-New Orleans that highlighted the accomplishments of the 106th Infantry Division during World War II.

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