Caraway Council adds fine to ordinance

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
The Caraway City Council discussed a livestock ordinance at its meeting Thursday, Sept. 12. (Town Crier photo/Christy Zolman)

At its regular meeting Thursday, Sept. 12, the Caraway City Council passed an ordinance allowing those keeping livestock in certain areas of the city to be fined.

Caraway Mayor Barry Riley explained the city has an ordinance created in 1971 that prohibits the raising and keeping of farm like animals inside the city but did not allow those breaking the ordinance to be fined. Ordinance 2013-6 says that offenders of the 1971 ordinance will be notified either in person or by certified letter and given 10 days to correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected after 10 days the offender can be fined $100 or up to $250 and for any additional 10 day warnings $500.

"This just adds to that ordinance so that we can enforce it better," Mayor Riley told the council.

Concerned citizen Jerry Murphy asked the Mayor to read the 1971 ordinance to better clarify what farm like animals were being talked about, which the Mayor did. The 1971 Ordinance prohibits the raising and selling for commercial use horses, cattle, swine, fowl or any other farm like animal in the city. It also stated that the noncommercial raising of the same animals is prohibited if doing so creates unsanitary conditions or the animals are a nuisance to the community.

The Council approved the first reading unanimously, then voted unanimously to enact the emergency clause and vote on the ordinance for a second time by title only. After approving the second and third readings of the ordinance the Council unanimously passed the ordinance.

The Caraway City Council also approved a resolution allowing the Mayor to submit a proposal to the state for General Improvement Funds grants. The proposal is for a new concession stand to be built at the city's ball park. The new concession stand would have four bathrooms, a storage room and two serving windows. The metal structure is estimated to cost $85,500 to build, which Mayor Riley said was in line with the up to $150,000 the city could potentially get. The city will take bids on the project if it receives the needed GIF grant funds.

In other business the mayor updated the council on work being done to build a veterans memorial at the city park.

"It is going to be an oval pad with four benches on each side, three flag poles and a parking lot on the north side," Mayor Riley said. "There will be sidewalks going to the other memorials that we have out there. On Sept. 28 there will be a bike rally to raise money they are also doing a raffle and a bake sale. We really appreciate the ladies that are working on this it is going to be a really good looking memorial. The stones for the memorial have about 700 names on them and the ladies think they can raise enough money to cover future maintenance cost." The veterans memorial will be located in front of the city's big ball park next to the bandstand. The Council also tabled budget revisions, heard the Governor's Proclamation declaring October 4 Breast Cancer Awareness Day and approved adding Brian Barnes, Kenny Stallings and Clint Wallace as park commissioners. Before adjourning the council approved paying a $2,500 bill for rodeo arena bleacher installation out of the general fund and asked the Mayor to price how much it is going to cost to paint the bleachers.

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