Mississippi County Farm Bureau hosts annual meeting

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mississippi County Farm Bureau hosted the annual meeting at Arkansas Northeastern College in Burdette on Monday evening, Aug. 26. Entertainment was provided by Buddy GoDair at the keyboard. A fish and barbecue dinner was catered by Bigg Butts of Leachville.

Mississippi County Farm Bureau past presidents and spouses recognized at the annual meeting.

Past living presidents were recognized and introduced by Ken Moore. A slide presentation featuring each past president was shown as Moore gave a short talk of accomplishments during each of their service years.

Past living presidents recognized were Charles R. Moore, Luxora (1963); Glen Cook, Dell, (1966 and 1972); Dr. Jim Pulliam, Leachville (1968); C.F. Tompkins, Jr., Burdette (1969); Don Brewington, Osceola (1979); Bill Jackson, Blytheville (1982); Ira Ashley, Athelstan,(1983); Mike Overstreet, Carson Lake, (1985); David Wildy, Leachville (1986); Lowry Robinson, Osceola (1989); Mark Bryles, Blytheville (1992); David Warren, Osceola, (1993); Randy Veach, Lost Cane, (1994); Mike Sullivan, Burdette (1995); Randy Reynolds, Half Moon (1996); Bill Shannon, Joiner (1997); Gordon Miller, Jr. Leachville (1998); John Edwards, Leachville (2001-2002); Nathan Sanders, Leachville, (2004-2005); Justin Wildy, Leachville (2008-2009); Benton Felts, Bassett (2010-2011). Accomplishments during their service as president were recognized. Eleven of the past presidents were present for the meeting.

Mississippi County Farm Bureau officers.

Present President Heath Adkisson introduced officers and spouses, along with state Farm Bureau officers, as well as county and state officials in attendance.

The invocation was given by Rev. Tony Hill following the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.

Ray Benson (Mississippi County Extension Service Chair) introduced the 2013 Farm Family of the Year, the Raymond Henard Family of Dyess. Benson presented the family with a plaque.

Ray Benson, Mississippi County Extension Service, Chair, recognizes 2013 Mississippi County Farm family, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Henard and Mr. and Mrs. Adam Henard.

Adkisson gave the president's address.

He expressed his appreciation to the University Extension Service. He pointed out some of the challenges facing agriculture and his appreciation to Farm Bureau for being the voice of agriculture.

"It has been an honor to serve as your president," Adkisson said. "I am proud to live in Mississippi County, and proud to be a farmer."

Adkisson encouraged everyone to work together for the future and focus on the good things all around.

"We have a great water supply, and a great future in agriculture," he said.

He urged everyone to get involved in schools, churches, Farm Bureau, and other organizations that will make the county stronger and help get the country growing and moving forward.

Sherry Felts, Women's Committee chair, spoke about what the Women's Committee is doing to share the story of agriculture.

"We go into the school and teach kids where food and fiber comes from," Felts said.

She talked about taking pride in the county and promoting agriculture and the Women's Committee projects at the county and state level.

Randy Veach of Lost Cane, Arkansas Farm Bureau president, spoke about some of the issues facing agriculture.

"Mississippi County is the largest row crop county in the U.S.," Veach said. "Agriculture in Arkansas generates $16 billion a year and one fourth of the jobs in the state are related to agriculture."

He spoke of the importance of letting it be known what agriculture does.

"Too many times I think our food and fiber is taken for granted," Veach said.

He also spoke on the importance of imports required to meet the same conditions the U.S. growers have to meet.

He talked about other issues facing agriculture.

"Mississippi County does a great job of telling about agriculture," Veach said. "One-third of the State Farm Bureau presidents have been from Mississippi County. Mississippi County is a leader in agriculture and a leader in Farm Bureau. That is what makes this country great. God bless the farmers, God bless our families and God bless agriculture."

Resolutions, including cotton, soybeans, rice, wheat and feed grains, research and extension, national affairs, state affairs, and local affairs, developed at an earlier meeting were reviewed and passed.

Veach recognized Rep. Wes Wagner of Manila and Rep. Monte Hodges of Blytheville and Sen. David Burnett of Osceola, who were present, for their support of agriculture and Farm Bureau.

"They voted 100 percent with Farm Bureau," Veach said.

Officers and board members were elected for the 2013-2014 year. They are John Tipton, president; Brandon Veach, first vice president; Ben Davis, second vice president; Heath Donner, secretary; Bill Jackson, treasurer; Mike Sullivan, assistant treasurer; Heath Adkisson, past president; Nathan Sanders, financial officer; Randy Veach, president of Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation.

Board members -- south are: Fred Bourland, Wade Castleberry, Mark Fincher, Wren Felts, Ross Bell, Steve Metheny, Darlene Musick, Adam Henard, Dino Pirani and Russ Thomason.

Board members -- north are: Paul Harris, James Bevill, Jeff Costner, Todd Edwards, Justin Hawkins, Phil Hawkins, Tony Hopper, John Weiss, Neil Burgeand Gary Hart.

Several door prizes were provided by area sponsors.

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