Monette Council OKs property resolution

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In a special meeting Thursday the Monette City Council approved a resolution to allow the Buffalo Island Central School District to use 10 acres more or less of the city's 13.5 acre landfill property.

The resolution stated: "This Council sees the need for a strong school system to benefit the City and a strong school system encourages and promotes growth for the City of Monette, and the City wishes to encourage the growth of the Buffalo Island Central School District."

In the resolution the specific use and upkeep of the property was set forth stating the property could only be used for school purposes. The school district cannot commit waste on the property and the property cannot be converted to any private, individual or non-educational use. Any violations will cause the property to automatically revert back the city. The council approved the resolution, which will be presented to the Buffalo Island Central School Board at its September meeting.

In other business Monette Mayor Chub Qualls said the city will be receiving about $30,000 in general improvement funds from the state. Qualls said the amount is more than the city usually gets and asked the council members to think of things the city could use the funds for. He suggested equipment purchases or repairs as a possible uses for the money. The city has to submit to the state very soon a proposal of how the general improvement funds will be used by Monette.

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