Riverside students recnognized

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A special presentation was made on Friday afternoon at Riverside High School to three students, Samantha Schreyer, ninth grade; Ashley Booth, 11th grade; and Austin Smith, 8th grade.

Pictured are Riverside students, Samantha Schreyer, Ashley Booth and Austin Smith, who were recognized for their creative presentation.

Riverside business teacher Michele Freeman presented the three young students with a letter of congratulations and a token of appreciation from the CEO of Biteslides for their outstanding presentation.

Ms. Freeman was one of several teachers who made a presentation at the conference in Hot Springs on July 31.

Ms. Freeman found the Biteslides program in her research last year and discovered it was a great way for her students to show their creativity while using their technical skills. She had about 100 of her students to submit a presentation using Biteslides. She chose three of the most visual presentations to use at the conference.

Ms. Freeman said Biteslides is a relatively new program and Riverside is one of the first area schools to use it.

Samantha's presentation was places she wanted to visit; Austin presented his life in the future including the home he planned; and Ashley did her dream vacation in England.

"Teachers at the conference were impressed with the presentation these three students created," Freeman said. "I am thrilled for these students. The CEO called me and expressed his congratulations to these students. He sent each of a person letter."

Freeman said the Biteslide is great for videos, music, more animated, more colorful and much easier for students.

"My students seemed to enjoy seeing what they could create," Freeman said.

Riverside High School was on the Biteslide website following Ms. Freeman's presentation.

Parents of the three students were invited to attend a presentation as Mrs. Freeman presented them with their letter from England. They also had the opportunity to view the programs created by Samantha, Ashley, and Austin.

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