Manila Council discusses swimming pool, airport terminal and street paving

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Manila City Council discussed the swimming pool, plans for a new airport terminal, street paving, and peacocks at the Aug. 19 meeting.

Manila Mayor Wayne Wagner announced the pool/water park did get to open for the weekend and in spite of the cool weather averaged 115 people a day.

"I heard good comments about our lifeguards and the facility," Mayor Wagner said. "We still have a list of small items to complete, but so far we have not had any major problems. The pole lights are being put up and they are working on the concrete."

Mayor Wagner recommended keeping the pool open Aug. 24-25 and three days of Labor Day weekend if the weather is nice. He also suggested allowing a few scheduled parties in the evenings for groups such as the local area school senior classes, etc. for a fee of $100.

"That would pay for the lifeguards," he said.

The outside pools will close for the winter and the inside therapeutic pool should be ready to open soon.

The council had no objections to the schedule if weather permitted.

Mayor Wagner said he received a letter on Monday informing the city it had been approved for a new terminal building at the airport. This project should start immediately.

Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis will head up the airport terminal project working with Mayor Wagner.

The council discussed street paving including the street near the school, a street requested by Sonny Ashley, a street requested by James Chipman, a short area requested by Terry Brewer, and the street around the swimming pool.

Councilman Tony Hawkins said the bid for street near the school was approved over a year ago. He suggested if the company who received the bid can't get it done, the council should look at getting someone else.

The council discussed a complaint received about peacocks in a Manila subdivision. Mayor Wagner said he and City Attorney Wes Wagner had researched the existing ordinances, and peacocks do not fall under the existing regulations.

"We could declare them a public nuisance," Mayor Wagner said. "We don't want to harm them and I am not sure we can just remove them off private property. If someone wants to try and trap them in their garage maybe we could relocate them."

"What if half the neighbors in the subdivision don't mind the peacocks," Council Hawkins asked.

"Personally, they don't bother me but I don't mind relocating them if they are not harmed," Councilman Dale Murphy said.

The council agreed to let Councilmen Hawkins and Murphy look into the complaint and come up with a plan.

The council went into executive session to discuss personnel. Following the closed session, the board voted to give Police Officer Jarred Camp a $500 raise starting Sept. 1 and a $400 raise on Jan. 1.

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