Manila School Board OKs concession plans

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

John Mixon, architect with Cromwell, addressed Manila School Board Thursday on bids for a concession stand and restroom facility on the football field.

Manila School Board members hear presentation from John Mixon, architect, on a concession stand facility for the football field.

"It looks like it will cost an estimated $165,000," he said.

Mixon said if the weather permits, the facility could be completed by Oct. 17.

After discussing ways to cut the cost, Board member Jeremy Jackson commented, "It looks small and I don't see where we could reduce it and have it still functional."

"We wanted a solid number it would cost, and that is what we now have," Board member Brandon Veach said.

The board voted 7-0 to accept the plans and bids for the concession/restroom facility.

The board continued discussion on policies of background checks on volunteers and the use of the school buildings by non-school related groups.

The board voted to follow the 3A guidelines for registered volunteers.

Superintendent Pam Castor recommended having registered volunteers sign statements that they have not been found guilty of felonious charges or child mistreatment.

"This will give us the option to ask for a background check," she said.

The board voted 7-0 to adopt the policy.

A lengthy discussion on the public use of school buildings was held with the board discussing what is school related and what is not school related.

The Board decided to table the policy with plans to continue working on the wording and get some answers to questions brought up about liability and guidelines for using the buildings.

"As it stands today, you don't have the authority to tell anyone who can use the building or not?" Board member Tommy Wagner asked.

"Outside of a policy, I have an opinion, not authority," Mrs. Castor said.

President Dan Robbins asked the board to submit any questions they had on the use of the buildings to Mrs. Castor and she can get the answers from the state school board.

The board voted unanimously on the classified salary schedule as presented by Mrs. Castor. The additional salary increase for classified personnel will total an additional $47,347.

The board accepted bids from Skillstutor for software in the amount of $11,000; Learning Institute on-line program for $11,892; Carnegie software which is in line with the Common Core guidelines for $17,568; and Classwork Software for $15,901.

Assistant Superintendent and Athletic Director Chris Ferrell presented a handbook for Manila Elementary Athletics and Manila Middle School and High School Athletics.

"I had help with the elementary handbook from Tony Crowell," Ferrell said.

"Most of the rules are the same as last year with only a few changes," he said. "I am a big fan of academics but I also think athletes should be able to work their way back up to participation."

Following a short executive session, the Board voted unanimously to hire Tracy Routon as building secretary.

The board approved the July minutes with one change to reflect Paula Poag's hire for the school year, not the first semester.

Ms. Castor expressed her appreciation to the maintenance staff and administration for getting everything ready for the school year.

"We will need to have a discussion on health care reform," Mrs. Castor said. "We will need to look into the increase in our contribution of insurance. If everyone participates it will be a substantial cost. We will be looking at the issues ahead. We are in for some changes. I just want you to be aware."

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